• Landscape Palms 4 stones in Zen Rock Upright formation on beach AW.com 2021 postn Why Some Southerners are Still Mad

    Why Some Southerners Are Still Mad

      PORQUÉ ALGUNOS SUREÑOS ESTÁN AUN ENOJADOS It is rarely as it seems. ~ photo by Alice walker 2020   Why Some Southerners Are Still Mad ©2021 by Alice Walker You are still…

  • Dave Chappelle photo by Evan Agostini

    Dave Chappelle

    Amo A Dave Chapelle   I love Dave Chappelle a wild free twinkle in Earth’s great eye.~aw   Martin would have laughed; Malcolm X, Moms Mabley, Che, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Maya Angelou…

  • Bob Moses

    Bob Moses 1935-2021

    Bob Moses 1932-2021 ©2021 by Alice Walker Painting credit: Tiffany Hamelin Cabrera of PeaceOfMyArt Studio   Dear Bob Moses, Before I went to Mississippi I had heard You were there But soon you…

  • Pray Tell wearing gown at awards show

    Pray Tell Has Only Six Months To Live

    Actor Billy Porter “Pray Tell” dressed to dare.~aw   PRAY TELL HAS ONLY SIX MONTHS TO LIVE ©2021 by Alice Walker I learned last night That Pray Tell Has only six months To…

  • beautiful single blue green feather white background


    In me There is an old  Indigenous And all they want To do Is make Ceremony. ~aw 

  • Vase with womans face on outdoor round wood table old growth tree with the mountain vista asbackdrop alice walkers garden

    We Are the Flag

    Patriot  (We Are the Flag) © by Alice Walker. With love, and gratitude, for the beauty and color Sikhs contribute to American life. If you Want to show Your love For America Love…

  • harry and meghan oprah interview 2021-03

    Meghan and Harry

    Meghan and Harry Talking to Oprah ©2021 by Alice Walker   How can you not love this world Where miracles are happening all the time. Indian farmers -thrown off their course by centuries…

  • I Have Married

    Me he casado I Have Married © 2020 by Alice Walker I have married Nature My first Love And we Are happy. * Dying At last Nothing Between us.       Me…

  • Hail Mary (Trump) Full of Grace

     Hail Mary, Full of Grace ©2020 by Alice Walker   Hail Mary Full of Grace Thank you for demonstrating How to leave By opening the door.

  • It Is Raining!

        It Is Raining! ©2020 by Alice Walker   It is raining! We have prayed!   ***   !Estâ Lloviendo! ©2020 Alice Walker   !Está lloviendo! !Hemos rezado!        …