Meghan and Harry

harry and meghan oprah interview 2021-03

Meghan and Harry Talking to Oprah

©2021 by Alice Walker


How can you not love this world
Where miracles are happening
all the time.
Indian farmers -thrown off their course by centuries
of British rule – refusing to kill themselves
any longer
and rising instead against
their slaughter
by the greed of their head of state;
And Oprah and Diana
rising to the task
that all true mothers
who witnessed her struggle
have longed for;
that of helping to liberate
Diana’s precious son.
The tabloids of England
have harmed and crushed
so many brave and needed (by the world)
valiant souls.
Bless Meghan for staying alive;
for standing up to them
by not harming a hair on the head
of her natural self.
Celebrate both melanin and curl!
May we all begin to see
and understand
the fictions
that control
this world
and resolve to recognize
our cage
even if it looks like
our own house;
and dare to look through
whatever window appears
to discover
and walk through
the open, if sometimes terrifying,