Introducing Alice Walker’s New Children’s Book:
Sweet People Are Everywhere

Sweet People Are Everywhere Book Cover Alice Walker 2021By Alice Walker

Sweet People Are Everywhere, an illustrated book for children ages 4–8 (and readers of all ages) featuring a poem by internationally renowned writer and activist Alice Walker, locates the “sweet people” who can be found all over the world. The poem addresses a young boy getting his first passport, taking the boy—and the reader—on a journey around the globe in a powerful celebration of humanity and generosity of spirit that is inspiring, timely, and timeless.

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Read Along, Draw Along with Alice Walker: Sweet People Are Everywhere

The Teacher’s Guide/Activity Kit for Sweet People are Everywhere is brimming with fun and thoughtful activities that teachers or parents can use with children.


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As always, Alice Walker points us in the direction of our humanity. “Sweet People Are Everywhere” is a meditation on the human spirit and although written for children, it offers us all an invaluable opportunity to see ourselves in others.

– LeVar Burton, actor, director, educator and host of Reading Rainbow

Alice Walker’s lovely words take us on a journey around the world and remind us there are good people everywhere. What a wonderful addition to the shelves of multicultural literature. This is a book for little and big humans alike.

– Karen Katz, author / Illustrator The Colors of Us and My America

In Sweet People Are Everywhere, Alice Walker’s appreciation for the tender and expansive possibilities in human connection is beautifully rendered. Children and adults alike will be inspired to remain soft through encounters with diverse peoples and moments across continents. There’s joy in Alice Walker’s world.

– Chana Ginelle Ewing, author of the bestselling book, An ABC of Equality

“The poetic stylings of Alice Walker will convince children across the world that Sweet People Are Everywhere… Children of all ages will be able to enjoy the illustrations; the timeless images show how beautifully diverse the world is.”

– Seattle Book Review



Recent News

Award-winning author, activist Alice Walker talks about her book ‘Sweet People are Everywhere’
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker talks to Black Renaissance host Jan Mabry about her new children’s book, education and more. ‘Sweet People Are Everywhere’ promotes the greater good in all of us and is available at bookstores nationwide. MAY 4, 2022



Past Online Events:

October 21, 2021  |  Alice to be interviewed by Dr. Sheryl Davis  |  San Francisco Human Rights Commission

Renowned writer Alice Walker and Dr. Sheryl Davis, Executive Director of San Francisco Human Rights Commission, discuss Sweet People Are Everywhere, Walker’s new illustrated children’s book celebrating community, humanity and globalism. Program includes a reading of the book and conversation with two inspiring voices of hope and creativity.