We are the Ones

We Have Been Waiting For 

Resistance is The Secret of Joy 

from the novel: Possessing the Secret of Joy

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We are the ones we have been waiting for…

London Real/David Icke April 6, 2020.



Happy Birthday (April 1st) to the beautiful Grandmother Griot and Wise Woman of East Bay Church of Religious Science: Dr. Elouise Oliver.  We adore you. ~AW 


Website:  https://elouiseoliver.com 





In 1452, Pope Nicolas V issued the papal bull Romanus Pontifex, declaring war against all non-Christians throughout the world, to “capture, vanquish, and subdue the Saracens, pagans and other enemies of Christ,” to “put them into perpetual slavery,” and to “take all their possessions and property.”


I embrace you as beautiful relatives of the world. I offer you an open hand to show that I greet you in peace.

I come from a culture that has been on this North American continent since time immemorial, surviving and thriving despite many hardships and challenges. Over the ages, simple and fundamental truths have supported our survival that I think are relevant more than ever today for society at large. Principles of humility and making decisions with the consideration of seven generations might seem basic and easy to take for granted. Our heartfelt efforts have been focused on the basic call to consciousness: We are all related. This is based on the principles of interconnectedness and humility. It is precisely these principles that need to be integrated into our lives in a deeper way. Everything is my relative. This helps us to see the value in each person and each living thing.

We have an everyday existence, with family, tribal community, and our spiritual and earth-based practices with the lands, medicines, language, and ceremonial ways of prayer. The council Grandmothers have commemorated our existence by traveling the world, visiting each of our sister Grandmothers’ home country. We celebrate that accomplishment.

By stepping forward between and within cultures and languages, we can overcome boundaries. We can cross borders not only geographically but also psychologically and spiritually. If we were to look at Earth from two hundred miles up in space, we would see that divisions do not exist, and it is very clear that we are one family on Mother Earth. This simple point of view could guide us to act in a way that is life-sustaining, and our worldview would be more open and inclusive. We would listen more and have greater patience in finding solutions.

It has been a long journey that continues in our everyday life. Now is the time of awakening, where we become aware of our fundamental relationship to one another and most important, of our existence in this world.

The Grandmothers Council celebrated its tenth anniversary in October 2014. Through prayers, spiritual and social action, we have worked tirelessly for peace, respect for nature, conservation, and recovery of ancestral traditions, our traditional medicines and the preservation of our cultures. In our villages, towns, and cities, we are spiritual activists, medicine women, tribal elders, and advocates for sustaining earth-based ways of life. As individuals, each of us is recognized for our work to preserve our traditions and indigenous cultures.

We are certain we will see concrete results of our actions and our collective intent to unify. We continue to carry forward the message of our elders: Respect for the natural laws for all of life.

Grandmother Mona Polacca




Poster Yellow background illustration of Michael Moore

Kill Bill from RUMBLE with MICHAEL MOORE in Podcasts.





flowers in vase

I Am Not Waiting

©2020 by Julia Fuhrman Davis
I am not Waiting
I am not waiting until social distancing is
I am not waiting until Ohio’s “Stay at Home”
order is lifted
I am not waiting until I can teach yoga
classes in person, instead of
on conference calls
I am not waiting until I can give massages
I am not waiting until Bernie is president
I am not waiting until we have free health
care, free education, a Green
New Deal, prison reform, immigration
reform, public financing for campaigns,
mail-in voting, sanity or peace ……….
I am not waiting until my son forgives me
I am not waiting until my seeds sprout

from the mid west



News We Can Use.



Bilquis Bano and Devaki Jain, India. 2020. The beautiful season of saying no.

Photo by: Supriya Sharma, editor of SCROLL an online newspaper

Bilquis Bano and Devaki Jain, India. 2020. The beautiful season of saying no.

“This woman, Bilquis Bano, leads the resistance, the sit in. She may look like an unlikely candidate, but she led the 3 member delegation to the Governor, explaining their cause.

We are the warriors, and no one shall stop us.” ~Devaki Jain




The coronavirus 2020


That we show up as best we can through this and all emergencies and disasters. That we hold dear our much valued, by all our ancestors, humanity. That we never forget to value our humility, our ancestors, our friends and beloved ones, who count on us to embody the best that can be mustered in the most distressing and trying of times. To remember our blessings, the goodness of Life that we have enjoyed. That we make peace with our experiences and our souls. That we face whatever is to be faced with gratitude for what has already been received.  ~Alice Walker 

The virus itself is of stunning beauty; like so much on this rare planet. While seeking to avoid it, may we acknowledge its mystery.  And may the wild animals, caught, tortured and caged, who have allegedly served as vehicles to bring the virus to humans, be freed and never, in any way, degraded again. Humans will have no peace, and will deserve none, until we accept responsibility for their liberation. ~AW

See: 60 Minutes Australia for a look at the so-called “wet markets.” Note especially the animal considered the most hunted in the world whose only defense when attacked is to curl itself into a ball. Note also that it is exquisite. And extremely aware. What is her name for herself? We can only wonder.


Lo Que Aconsejaría Mi Madre: Oren




Mexican Women Stay Home To Protest Femicides In ‘A Day Without Us’

Today The Women of Mexico

©2020 by Alice Walker


Today the women of Mexico
Who produce everything,
As women produce
Everything in the human
Having produced
Every human;
Are standing in their kitchens,
Sitting on their porches,
In their yards
And behind their computers
And steering wheels
And saying hell no,
I won’t go,
To the jobs
They are expected to fill
After crossing a zone
Of terror
Of possible beatings
And killings
To get to them.

It is a tragedy
What is happening to Mexico
This beautiful country
That I love;
That I can hardly think about
Without weeping in memory
Of some kindness
Done to me.
A smile from an old man
Generous with his eyes;
A free tortilla from a mother of twins
Who laughs to think I came
Into her shop
To purchase only ten.

Wake up, Beloved Country.
Wake up, Mexico!

Join the women
In the fight to be free again.
Free of drugs, free of fear.
Free of machismo on acid
That rots more than teeth.
This assault on the feminine
Is an assault on the masculine
Woman born:

Remember your beauty
So obvious in your children;
Give them the example
Of Mexican soul
Generations of strangers
Have for centuries admired.
Come back to who you really are:

You are beloved, Mexico.
And you are drowning in horrors
Not natural to you.

Soul lost harms the Universe.
Who loses?
All of us.







©2020 by Alice Walker

Every turn around the sun,
Every year on the date of my birth,
No matter where I am
And usually it is the same place,
Wherever I can worship in sunshine,
My gracious Sister of the White Flowers
Finds me.
I look up from whatever Wonder
Is holding me fast,
And there is someone at my gate.
They are holding a bouquet
Of white flowers.
Calla lilies
Frida’s lily,
As I think of  them.

It has been years
Since I saw my Sister…




How moving to see an awakened human who cares. We might all achieve this expression of concern that leads to action.  What can each of us do? Like any substance abuser, we are addicted. I have started by talking to a friend from Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization I admire and respect: how can we learn to protect ourselves? We might begin by learning all we can about the accelerated dangers to the planet of 5-G. It is chilling to realize the danger discussed in the video is closer upon us – since many of us are wearing it -than global annihilation by climate. 

Imagine that we are in a global classroom, which, thanks to our dangerous gadgets, is possible to construct. Someone who cares is asking us a simple question: What is the connection between 5-G, AI, and our brain? Is there a human future where these connect?~AW


Bob Marley 2 panel photo playing guitar concert up close smiling happy beautiful long dreads

Bob Nesta Marley.  February 6, 1945

Dear Bob,
I have been to Nine Miles,
the place nine miles
from anywhere;
the place where you were born.
Years have passed and still it remains
a mystery;
how you sang your way
out of there.  Your crypt
when last I visited
the nicest dwelling.
How mysterious
are our escapes
from anywhere
one might think
would hold us down.
It is the spirit
that can not be
refuses to be
destroyed, or even
maimed.  And so, little curly headed
half-caste (so they referred sometimes
to you): you remain beloved,
an ignited light of spirit
for all the generations
of loving rebels
to claim.  To learn
from your exuberant example
that the determined soul
will find the broken link
in every chain.

Thank you for the beautiful gift of your life.

-Alice Walker, Feb.6, 2020

>> Bob Nesta Marley. 6 de febrero de 1945<<




Alice and Native Youth

America Never Was America to Me... Langston Hughes.

The Red and the Black:  Alice and Native Youth

Intertribal Friendship House, Oakland, California, Fall 2019 Photo by Ester Hernandez


                                                                               ©2020 by Alice Walker

Trevor Noah’s last name is rarely used by those who admire him.  “Noah” suggests someone who, in times of possible world annihilation,  endeavors to encourage our awareness of the situation and to bring some of us along. From all accounts the present day “flood” is upon us.

My own view of how far the present political structure is likely to take us can be found on a Youtube video called Earth At Risk. I think it is doomed to be dysfunctional, and have yet to observe, or to study, any period in history, when it has been run to the benefit of all of us. If it had, we’d be a healthy, confident, well educated, well fed and housed populace. We’d be like, for instance, Finland.

However, looking over the candidates running for the job of president this year – and it is a job, not a knighthood or kingship- we see some truly interesting possibilities. It is hard not to like people who genuinely care about us, no matter how unlikely it is that their dreams for our progress will come true. So I woke up this morning, having watched numerous interviews Trevor conducted with presidential contenders on The Daily Show, thinking about who appeals to me. …

Continue reading, RUNNING FOR OUR LIVES: The Race for Leadership in an Unfree World 



January 15, 1929 Is A Sacred Date

©2020 by Alice Walker

This is what I believe:
We are connected
Well before birth
To the date of our actual
Arriving at that date and time
Is crucial to who we become.
Martin, Beloved,
They have moved your date of birth
As if it is meaningless.
It is tied now to a week-end
Of leisure; when
Exhausted revelers
And servants
May have a holiday.
There are many ways to sever us
From our native power:
Changing consciousness
About when we were born
Is one of them.
I call on all who love and loved you
To honor you on your own day.
That is where the energy was
That is when  the magic powers
From we know not where
Poured into your life.
January 15, 1929 is a sacred date.
The Universe  aligned with powerful forces
To make a visit to Atlanta, Georgia
And to your mother’s
Expectant bedside and womb
Only on that day.


15 De Enero De 1929, Una Fecha Sagrada


Altar collaboration: A.Walker and J.Weisinger


Video of our

Oakland Sailboat House 2019




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