Women of Power: A Black Enterprise Celebration 2019

The Black Enterprise Celebration of Women of Power, 2019


I am standing between my tall beautiful niece, Ti Walker, and my shorter beautiful publicist Yona Deshommes at the recent Women of Power Legacy Gathering in Las Vegas. It was wonderful!  Though I found the tiny bit I saw of Las Vegas somewhat alarming, but in not too scary a way. It is so far from my world it might have been in another galaxy.  So many slot machines!  So many humans attached to them!  But this was only scenery on the way to the main event, which happened in a peaceful and elegant realm; and was an exquisitely designed and executed  celebration of strong women.  Our awards were golden and heavy, and I liked that the woman depicted had (I think)short hair and carried a brief case. She has hips too, I think! (My statue has not arrived yet, so I must wait to have a good look at it.)

Brother Earl “Butch” Graves, Jr., CEO of Black Enterprise, handed out the awards (Chaka Khan got one!) and was the brother of our dreams:  Thoughtful, present, kind.  Honoring of his mother in whose memory the awards are given, respectful of his colleague, the marvelous writer of Postcards From Cookie, Caroline Clarke, who shared presentation of the event. The beauty of them both!   Google for more information