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To The Teachers of Oakland

Dear Teachers of Oakland, I am honored to have been asked to speak to you today, or, in the event, to send you a message of solidarity and support.

As many of you know, having read my work over the years (hopefully!) Teachers are some of my favorite people.  I have a deep… Continue reading

LOS BUENOS Para Hugo Chávez

The Good Ones

For Hugo Chavez

March 5, 2013

©2013 by Alice Walker

The good ones
who listen
to women
to children and the poor
die too soon,
their lives  bedeviled
by opposition:
our hearts grieve for them.

This was the world my father knew.

A poor man
he saw good men come and mostly go;
leaving behind… Continue reading


February 9, 2019

Gracias a la Vida!

Temple Jook House

Photo by Sheherazade Tillet 2018

Maria Sabina was a curandera from the mountains above Oaxaca, Mexico. She was known for her healing powers which had a foundation in the mushrooms that grow wild in that region.  When she was a child, fatherless, she was often hungry.  One day she was so hungry… Continue reading

 © 2019 by Alice Walker


Someone wrote about The Color Purple that it is a novel of permanent importance.  This was such a lovely way to think about it!  I was charmed.  Even though I realize permanent might not be that long. However, while I was reading Michelle Obama’s book BECOMING I felt the same way: that it is a… Continue reading