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Stephane Hessel, Presente

Stéphane Hessel, one of the great old men of the world still standing, inspired all of us who participated in the Russell Tribunal on Palestine over the last several years.  He died peacefully in his sleep last night at the age of 95.  That he never abandoned his principles –  from  participation in the French Resistance, through his… Continue reading

Only one? No way.

The letter below from Oxfam, which arrived in my e-mail today, is self-explanatory.  Reading it evoked much emotion.  Even more than when I read a petition recently about making sure the people who bring us our food in restaurants are paid enough to eat similar food if they wanted to.  We’ve assumed wait persons were all doing… Continue reading

Bearded Iris

                                     Marrying Good Men


            A month ago, I married two… Continue reading















Set a Place for Him



Wait Until Morning: Veterans for Peace (transcript of video)
Miami, Florida
August 11, 2012
Dedicated to the Other Veterans for Peace:

Those who kill themselves

©2012 by Alice Walker
We Pay a Visit to Those Who Play at Being Dead

 … Continue reading

Not From Here
for beloved Kaleo who opened this door to me.






Credo Mutwa pointing to a likeness of a Chitauri that he painted 

(from Chitauri Blues, a work in progress)
©2013 by Alice Walker 

Anybody who despises elephants except for their tusks
is not from here.
Anybody who decapitates mountains
Is not from here.

Anybody… Continue reading

I have been dragging along David Icke’s monumental book: Human Race Get Off Your Knees for the last month.  It has been on my lap as I sat; been propped against pillows as I laid down; followed me to bathroom and poolside; and been, in fact, a formidable companion over these past several weeks.  It is a massive book, and requires complete attention.… Continue reading

Summer peach

©2011 by Alice Walker

For Jacqui Hairston, with love.

Because you could plant peach trees

And because of peace

You could eat them in five or six



Peaches not trees


And your children

Could eat them


After you are gone!


And because you… Continue reading

Alice and Charlie February 9, 2013

Alice and Charlie/ Perula Beach, Costa Alegre, Mexico/ February 9, 2013

Photo by Monica Belaunde Montero


Copyright ©2012 by Alice Walker


So there I was, on my way to a huge book festival in Brazilia and only then realizing, because friends casually mentioned it: Brazilia isn’t actually Brazil.  It is a man-made city, only fifty-two years old, created… Continue reading


I am telling you

Discouraged One

we will win.

And I will show you


We are the offspring

of the ignorantly 

we  conjure 


with our smiles

and provoke music

out of trash.

Who can completely
such genius? 

This is why humanity

is worth




Without a moment

of holding back.

I used… Continue reading