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photo by angel Kyodo williams

 Taking Care of the Truth
Embedded Slander:  A Meditation On the Complicity of Wikipedia

©2013 by Alice Walker 

BEGINNING IN THE LATE 1990s I became aware that my daughter, Rebecca Grant Walker Leventhal, aka Rebecca Walker, was, for her own purposes, making wildly untrue comments, in private talks, lectures, and in the media, about her childhood… Continue reading

We Are Never Without Help

©2013 by Alice Walker 

We are never without help.
Look for it always
to surprise you.
There is no end to the joy
of discovery
just as there is no end
to amazement.

Those who give their lives
for truth and bread
for the triumphant
flash of  a vivid
even as they
in unspeakable

or… Continue reading

I have just returned from the UK premier of Pratibha Parmar’s film about my life, BEAUTY IN TRUTH, whose producer is her partner of thirty years, Shaheen Haq.  London was at its most hospitable, and the Women of the World (WOW) Festival, at which the film was shown, was delightful and invigorating, even though I saw only the tiniest bit of the innumerable presentations.… Continue reading

Faces of Feminism Video

  Source: Open Road Media

  Alice appears at 1:16 in the video:



The Good Ones

For Hugo Chavez

March 5, 2013

©2013 by Alice Walker





The good ones

who listen

to women

to children and the poor

die too soon,

their lives  bedeviled

by opposition:

our hearts grieve for them.


This was the world my father knew.


A poor man

he saw good men come and mostly go;… Continue reading

Stéphane Hessel (center) with Alice Walker, Desmond Tutu, Pierre Galand (far left) Aminata Traore, and  Cynthia McKinney  of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Cape Town, South Africa 2011.  Photo by Pratibha Parmar.

What does it take to be happy?

for Stéphane Hessel who seemed to know.















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