On the Sound of Freedom Film and “Men’s Work:  Ending male violence.”

Update 2023-08-18: Video of Baby Farming in Ukraine
Esta publicación de la película Sound of Freedom en español

“Men’s Work:  Ending male violence.”

I once shared my life with a man who co-founded a men’s group and that was their slogan.

I think of it now, having seen, finally, Sound of Freedom.  I have been far from theaters but caught it on its last day in a town hours away.  I was deeply moved.  It is so true that the work of rescuing children from pedophiles and other predators is the most crucial work on the planet; and preventing the traffic in children, their literal enslavement, must be at the top of everyone’s priority list.  Abused children grow up to be traumatized adults who, without enormous help in reclaiming their sense of worth, are likely to lead lives of unending suffering and distress; capable of inflicting their own suffering on what they perceived as children to be a deaf and uncaring adult world.

Watching this film, attempting to comprehend the enormity of the traffic in children, absorbing a fraction of the horror they are feeling even as this tiniest part of their story is told via film, I almost despair of us as human beings: that human adults could ever conceive of turning on defenseless children in the ways depicted in the film. A film based on solid evidence of the staggering number of little ones who are suffering.

What to do with our abhorrence?  Or grief?  Our despair?

At the very end of the film we are reminded that America was once a country where owning human beings, including infants, was legal, and considered ok by an unbelievably huge number of people.

The beginning of the resistance to hundreds of years of slavery was in acts of rebellion, begun, usually, by one person. Nat Turner comes to mind.  As does his fate.

After “many thousands gone” we have learned to step to the side of the one who is standing up.  May it be so, where Sound of Freedom, and its creator, Tim Ballard, are concerned.

In this, and in so many instances now on our suffering planet may we realize: We are the ones we have been waiting for. ~aw

Why Do Men In Power Want More Children? (After viewing Baby Farming  in Ukraine.)

©2023 by Alice Walker

 Because children, helpless in a world of nefarious adults, are a resource that can be used, abused, trashed and discarded as is so much of the unprotected planet. 

They want them for “sex”,(pedophilia), they want them for slaves, they want them for body parts. They want to “harvest” whatever they can of children’s bodies to enhance their own pathetic lives. Organ trafficking is a huge industry about which one rarely hears though almost anyone who can afford it is delivered a kidney, a heart, or a liver.  Where do these life-saving “gifts” often come from?  Children.  Or trafficked young people who were recently children.

It is hard to talk about this because most humans can’t imagine humanity has sunk so low as to not protect babies and young children; and before them, pregnant women and nursing mothers – or even mothers who are not nursing.

The consuming of babies and children by an insatiable adult world rests, I believe, where so much suffering does, in the envy many men feel that women can engender life in their bodies, and if necessary, replace them.

Women, bullied and confused, give away their power, their actual identity, hoping to assuage this envy which they feel – if only in subtle ways – almost daily. Trying to be liked, trying to be “guys.”  Trying to fit in.

Poor woman! Men in Power force us to provide soldiers, over and over, through endless history, to fight their wars.  Young men, practically from birth, are trapped in the illusion that making war against someone, somewhere, is pretty much their fate. Refused the release even of tears, off they go to fight and kill – basically themselves, though wearing different uniforms.

There is a book I recently listened to and highly recommend: Tears of Amber, by Sonia Segovia, in which a character states this often cleverly hidden fact:  wars never end.  That is why today, in Ukraine, the great grandchildren of earlier soldiers from WWI and WWII – primarily Germans, Russians, and Poles – have met their ancestors’ fate and now lie scattered about the same wheat and sunflower fields, rotting, their bodies consumed by birds and wild beasts, just as were the bodies of men of their tribe and blood that they would never know.

This is how it always is. And has been. But must awakening from this nightmare slumber remain impossible? I call on young men of earth to gather in council and leave the matrix of delusion and fear.  You deserve to live, as yourself, unfettered and unmolested by any government on earth.  You do not have to envy your mothers and sisters;  they exist in the trap that is also yours, and have been wounded just as badly.

For a chilling look at how organ trafficking works in places you might not have guessed:  Blood Sisters. An unforgettable film out of Nigeria. ~aw

“El trabajo de los hombres: poner fin a la violencia masculina”.

Una vez compartí mi vida con un hombre que ayudó a organizar un grupo de hombres cuyo lema era ese.

Pienso en ello ahora, después de haber visto, por fin, la película Sound of Freedom (El sonido de la libertad). Estuve alejada de los cines, pero la pesqué en su último día en una ciudad a horas de distancia. Me conmovió profundamente. Es muy cierto que el trabajo de rescatar a niños de pedófilos y otros abusadores es el trabajo más decisivo del planeta; y prevenir el tráfico de niños, su literal esclavitud, debe estar en el primer puesto de la lista de prioridades de todos. Los niños abusados crecen y se convierten en adultos traumatizados que, sin una enorme ayuda para recuperar su sentido de valía, es probable que lleven una vida de sufrimiento y angustia inacabables; capaces de infligir su propio sufrimiento a lo que percibían de niños como un mundo adulto sordo e indiferente.

Al ver esta película, tratando de comprender la enormidad del tráfico de niños, asimilando una fracción del horror que sienten, incluso cuando esta ínfima parte de su historia se cuenta a través de una película, casi pierdo las esperanzas en nosotros como seres humanos: que los adultos humanos pudieran alguna vez actuar contra niños indefensos de la manera que se muestra en la película. Una película basada en pruebas sólidas de la asombrosa cantidad de pequeños que están padeciendo abusos.

¿Qué hacer con nuestro aborrecimiento? ¿O nuestra pena? ¿Nuestra desesperación?

Al final de la película, se nos recuerda que Estados Unidos fue una vez un país donde la posesión de seres humanos, incluidos los niños, era legal y se consideraba aceptable por un número increíblemente grande de personas.

El comienzo de la resistencia a cientos de años de esclavitud se inició como actos de rebelión, por lo general, por una sola persona. Me viene a la mente Nat Turner. Al igual que su destino.

Después de que “muchos miles se han ido”, hemos aprendido a ponernos al lado del que se levanta. Que así sea, en lo que respecta a Sound of Freedom y su creador, Tim Ballard.

En este, y en tantos casos ahora en nuestro sufriente planeta, démonos cuenta: somos aquellos a quienes hemos estado esperando. ~aw