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In Speak Truth to Power the new film about Congresswoman Barbara Lee, filmmaker Abby Ginsberg has offered us that bright flower of determination that we thought had, maybe, started to wilt.  The black woman, remembering her mother, especially, but also her father and innumerable ancestors, who make up the murmuring chorus some of us hear when the devil tries to tempt us to… Continue reading

Dapper Dan standing in front of building wearing shiny suit red vest tie

Photograph: The New York Times

Somehow, reading Dapper Dan, Made in Harlem, listening to it actually, I didn’t expect Dapper Dan to be so handsome. I’m happy he is.  But what’s so exciting to relate is that his book about his life is extraordinary and reminds me why I’ve always had a soft spot for gangsters; my grandfather Henry Clay Walker, whom I adored… Continue reading