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Painting of Bob Moses

Bob Moses 1932-2021

©2021 by Alice Walker

Painting credit: Tiffany Hamelin Cabrera of
PeaceOfMyArt Studio

Dear Bob Moses,
Before I went
to Mississippi
I had heard
You were there
But soon you left.
Your name was Moses
And the people became
Too used to following you.
You were wise enough
Not to want to be followed;
But to want the people
To create their own… Continue reading

Actor Billy Porter “Pray Tell” dressed to dare.~aw



©2021 by Alice Walker

I learned last night
That Pray Tell
Has only six months
To live.
In him I see my brothers
And comrades
In arms:  Ivory, our hairdresser,
with whom
My well-raised daughter
Spent afternoons
Sprawled reading and
Telling jokes
Across his death bed,
And beloved… Continue reading


Movie Poster CONCRETE COWBOY Netflix

CONCRETE COWBOY (Google for details)

©2021 by Alice Walker

We had no word for the strange animal we got from the white man-the horse. So we called it sunka waken, “holy dog.” For bringing us the horse we could almost forgive you for bringing us whiskey.  Horses make a landscape look more beautiful.

~ Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions


I had no idea… Continue reading


Cuba Code Pink Campaign Biden 2021-07

What’s behind the Cuba protests? The cruel Trump sanctions & U.S. blockade! Tell President Biden to lift them now!


Dear Alice,

From sanctions against Iran and Venezuela to the blockades of Gaza and Yemen, we know well how devastating economic warfare can be. This is why we care about what’s happening in Cuba where, thanks to a 60+ year-long U.S. embargo, economic conditions… Continue reading

Mi Carta a Daniel Ortega y Rosario Murillo

Robert Allen, Rosario Murillo, Unidentified Kind Person, Alice Walker, Daniel Ortega. Mid-Eighties.



I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.
– Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 – 1968)

© 2021 by Alice Walker

To Whom It May Concern

Why am… Continue reading

Stephen Satterfield

High On The Hog is one of many distinct gifts to our growth and enlightenment during this peculiar time of angst and confusion.  I watched it with a niece whose father, my brother Bill, left the Jim Crow South for a better life in Boston years before she was born.  Watching it, she said, was like having him back: his reminisces… Continue reading