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From the new book 

The Cushion in the Road:
Meditation and Wandering as the Whole World Awakens to being in Harm’s Way:

Spring 2013

Denali National Park in autumn, Alaska, USA, North America
A Letter to the Graduating Class of Naropa University 
from Alice Walker 

May 11, 2007

Someone told me 
that Earth 
the only planet 
that has mornings. 

The only planet that… Continue reading

From the new book of poems:

THE WORLD WILL FOLLOW JOY: Turning Madness Into Flowers

Spring 2013


Bicycle dress guard by Simeli Ananda

What Do I Get For Getting Old?

A Picture Story
For The Curious

©2011 by Alice Walker

(You supply the pictures.)

I get to meditate
in a chair 
Or against the wall
with my legs
stretched out 
(or even in… Continue reading


Norman Finkelstein, the one and only, sent this video  of children in Gaza playing their instruments at the Gaza Music School. A fundraiser for this school is happening Saturday, April 20, at Fattoush Restaurant in San Francisco.


Gaza Music School Students

Photo from the Gaza Music School

And Israeli womanist


This world is filled with amazing people, and Nurit Peled-Elhanan is one of them.  I overuse the word amazing; I’m so aware of that!  But what can you do? 

Colonizing Childhood and Zionist Pedagogy – Interview With Prof. Nurit Peled-Elhanan. Interviewed and Introduced by Singhe Atygalle.


Nurit Peled-Elhanan is a professor of language and education at the Hebrew University of… Continue reading

Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners is a stunning film.  Directed by Shola Lynch who also directed Unbought and Unbossed, The Life of Shirley Chisholm, and executive produced by actor Jada Pinkett Smith, it is a priceless addition to the record we have of the struggles and courage of black political women.  It centers around the period Davis was incarcerated for “aiding… Continue reading