A Merry Christmas Day poem about trees for Bradley Manning

© 1986/2010 by Alice Walker

When they torture your mother
plant a tree
When they torture your father
plant a tree
When they torture your brother
and your sister
plant a tree
When they assassinate
your leaders
and lovers
plant a tree
Whey they torture you
too bad
to talk
plant a tree.
When they begin to torture
the trees
and cut down the forest
they have made
start another.


From Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful by Alice Walker

One Comment

  • Dedan

    The magic of this poem was our inspiration to form Growing A Global Heart a project to plant memorial trees for those who have perished as a result of human folly while simultaneously combating the ravages of cataclysmic climate change. This alchemical poem showed up at a time of great grief for us allowing us to turn our grief (base matter) into the gold of planting trees for the healing of us all. Again we thank you for the inspiration.