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May It Be Said of Me

© 2009 by Alice Walker

May it be said of me

That when I saw

Your mud hut

I remembered

My shack.

That when I tasted your

Pebble filled beans

I recalled

My salt pork.

That when I saw

Your twisted

I embraced

My wounded


That when you

Rose from
 your knees

And stood… Continue reading

Alice & Kwamboka

Kwamboka Okari and Alice Walker in Berkeley 2008

©2011 by Alice Walker

This is Alice and Kwamboka

Sitting peaceful

on a sofa:

the green king

of blues

communing with Lucille


behind us!

B.B. King and Lucille, his guitar

Kwamboka Okari of the Margaret Okari Foundation: Educating Aids Orphans in East Africa

This is a story of how love works.

©2011 by Alice Walker

This is the house for orphaned young girls; the house that love built.

These are two of the beautiful girls who will live there.

Here is a flower for them!

It all started without a beginning! How cool.  Alice was eating in a vegan restaurant because she is always trying to do… Continue reading

When you see water
©2011 by Alice Walker

When you see water in a stream
you say: oh, this is stream
When you see water in the river
you say: oh, this is water
of the river;
When you see ocean
you say: This is the ocean’s
But actually water is always
only itself
and does not belong
to any of these… Continue reading

Word reaches us

that you are sleeping, sleeping.


we have turned to the sea.

We encounter among others

walking there

a sense of what we have lost:

the broad expanse of humanity’s

sensitivity to the oneness of itself.


while you sleep, resting your nimble

brain, we think of walking with you

in the valley

of the shadow of death; holding

you up.

We… Continue reading