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When Omar al-Manakosh was 2, his parents died in a car crash, and he had to raise himself and his brother until he was 20.  He pursued a technical diploma and learned smartphones maintenance and wanted this to be his career, until he was killed today by Israeli warplanes in #Gaza.

Omar al-Manakosh Palestine Young Man killed by Israeli War Planes 2021-05

Omar al-Manakosh Palestine Young Man killed by Israeli War Planes 2021-05… Continue reading

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Mass Killing of Children and Whole Families


JUNE 2021

“Subject: the massacre of children and mothers”

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Photos shared by *Sarah Youssef and Meir Baruchin

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 MAY 2021

Mass Killing of Children and Whole Families

Mariam 3 years old and her Brother 5 years old killed

This is Mariam… Continue reading

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May 07, 2021




saeed odeh 16 years old shot dead by israeli occupation forces odlah village
photo: Ali A. Omar
more information: Source link is a Facebook post



My cousin “Saeed Odeh” shot dead by terrorist Zionists… Continue reading

Youngest girl in Israeli jail: My dream is to hold mama in my arms

Ramallah My earnest desire is to have my mother hold me in her arms,” said the youngest Palestinian detainee

Reprint of article from The Palestinian Information Center
Youngest girl in Israeli jail: My dream is to hold mama in my arms
Wednesday  16/August/2017

“I have not seen my mother for the third consecutive month. My earnest desire is to have my mother hold me in her arms,”… Continue reading

November 10, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

With Special Attention to:

  1. The Prime-Minister of Israel
  2. The Attorney General of Israel
  3. MK Reuven Rivlin, Speaker of the Knesset

From Alice Walker, American Author and Jurist for the Russell Tribunal, Cape Town, South Africa
November 5-7, 2011.

It is with grave concern for MK Haneen Zoabi that I write to you today.  It is my… Continue reading

Stephane Hessel, Presente

Stéphane Hessel, one of the great old men of the world still standing, inspired all of us who participated in the Russell Tribunal on Palestine over the last several years.  He died peacefully in his sleep last night at the age of 95.  That he never abandoned his principles –  from  participation in the French Resistance, through his… Continue reading

palestinians going to work every morning: photo by Shmulik Kidron

 I Confess I Do  Not Understand the Mind That Needs to Cause This Suffering

©2013 by Alice Walker

For Nurit Peled who sent me the photograph:  Palestinians Going to Work – Morning Routine 

I confess
I do not understand the mind 
That needs to cause this: Palestinian workers 
herded like cattle
In a long line
To their places of… Continue reading

Posted to the New Internationalist | Aug 2012

Web exclusive

The award-winning author, poet and activist considers herself above all a daughter of the Earth, as she explains to Frank Barat.

What’s your earliest memory?

I think my earliest memory is of being enchanted by dust motes as I crawled around a handmade wooden chair. This must have been when I was a baby.… Continue reading

Executive Summary of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine Available

“The fourth session of the Russell Tribunal continued its historic function of articulating civic protest and carrying the weight of insufferable conditions at a moment when the world society is facing its most incredible challenges. It should be noted that the UN Charter was created to emphasize the rights of people and not states.”

“The final… Continue reading

Reprint from Jadaliyya

The US on Trial in NY: The Russell Tribunal on Palestine

by Noura Erakat | Oct 05 2012

Last week at the UN General Assembly, Barack Obama, President of the world’s most powerful country, exalted the United Nations and the ideals upon which it was built. Namely, that “people can resolve their differences peacefully, that diplomacy can take the place of… Continue reading