A family from the United States goes to the remote Sierras in Mexico–the writer-to-be, Susannah; her sister, Magdalena; her father and mother.  And there, amid an endangered band of mixed-race Blacks and Indians called the Mundo, they begin an encounter that will change them more than they could ever dream.  Moving back and forth in time, and among unforgettable characters and… Continue reading

From the author the Washington Post calls “a writer of bold artistry,” this is the searing story of Tashi, a tribal African woman first glimpsed in The Color Purple, whose memory of her sister’s early death and whose fateful decision to submit to the tsunga’s knife and be genitally mutilated forever alter her existence.  Narrated through an evocative chorus of… Continue reading

As the old rules of Southern society collapse, Meridian fights a lonely battle to reaffirm her own humanity – and that of all her people.

“A glowing affirmation of the possibility …of love and forgiveness – between men and women, black and white.”

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Alice Walker’s first novel is “graphic and authentic…moving, tender, and all too tragic…. She writes with power, sensitivity, and all-pervading humanity” Publishers Weekly


Despondent over the futility of life in the South, black tenant farmer Grange Copeland leaves his wife and son in Georgia to head North.  After meeting an equally humiliating existence there, he returns to… Continue reading