American Indian Movement Activists Dancing Down a statue of Christopher Columbus, a likeness representative of cruelty and suffering so vast no words can begin to describe it. Only dance might approach if not sufficiently express the sorrow, and now the joy, that some of us – even if only in parts and pieces – survived. ~AW


Activistas del Movimiento Indígena Americano bailan junto… Continue reading



That Mauna Kea, the Mountain, is understood to demand that the people’s protest of protection for Her be rooted in Sacred Conduct, is one of the reasons I love Hawaiian activists. Respect. Honor. Cherish. Defend. Praise.  Though most often without land of any kind to call our own, let us climb together, on all continents. Our people are our Sacred Mountain.~AW… Continue reading

Erigiendo Un Monumento Al Soldado Confederado Que No Quiso Ir A La Guerra

Actual Confederate Boy Soldier War Photo Surrounded by Flowers Alice Walker 2018-08-24

Raising A Memorial To The Confederate Soldier Who Did Not Want To Go To War

for Larry.

Copyright 2018 by Alice Walker

I have been so impressed by the black women who are at the forefront of the effort to remove the statues of Confederate soldiers from public squares and college campuses… Continue reading

Michael Meade, Living Myth Podcast






 Photo Source:  Nation of Change

What you have to say, Sister of the arresting sign, is powerful and right.  The moment we begin to see we are being manipulated, set up to riot, to lose our dignity, our freedom and our lives is the very moment, as if by magic, we begin to see we need not shop.  Better to… Continue reading


The World Rising

©2017 by Alice Walker


 The world rising
Can put an end
To anything:
The murder of children
Get up.  Roll over
On that part
Of you
That will not
Or even see
Our rise.
A compassionate roll:
We must be done
With cruelty
Especially to ourselves,
To start again
Beaming like the… Continue reading


George Floyd Protest Minneapolis 2020-05-29 Alice Walkers Garden More to come. Yes. ~AW



“Mama”by George Floyd

These are the last words of George Floyd, a 46-year-old man who died as a US police officer pinned him down, kneeling on his neck for almost nine minutes:

“It’s my face man
I didn’t do nothing serious man
please I can’t… Continue reading

Una Bota En La Garganta

A Poem from Cuba:

By Manuel Garcia Verdecia
For George Floyd

A boot is a sign
Of man’s intelligence
To create all that eases his life.
But a boot on a throat
Is not just an object
Out of place and function.
A boot on a throat
Is not a stumble by mistake… Continue reading

Dejen Que Carque Con La Culpa


Let Me Take the Blame

©2020 by Alice Walker

Let me take the blame;
I have learned
I can carry it.
Soon we will both
Be going
Without luggage
To the Far country
Of Different Realities;
So far
We may meet
Once more
Only in our dreams.
And will we dream there?
Let me take the blame.

Dejen… Continue reading

Es Largo, Es Reiterativo

  Alice Walker, moon shoes, fly.  Early 90s.

Photo by Jean Weisinger


It Is Long, It is Repetitive
©2020   by Alice Walker

As much as we might like to imagine
We will come back as a flower
Chances are, many of us
Are bound to come back
As flies.

We have annihilated so many,
Nor have we… Continue reading