Julian Assange

Two males outdoors at protest Free Julian Assange protest signage


© 2019 by Alice Walker

for John Shipton

I’ll see you when your troubles
Get like mine… lord, lord,
I’ll see you when your troubles
Get like mine.

I was thinking about this song
While watching Julian Assange’s
Being interviewed
By 60 Minutes Australia.
The woman interviewer
Wanted him to
Admit… Continue reading

A wish for you. -AW

El poema en español

Julian Assange spoke from the balcony of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London on Friday, May 19, 2017


Acts of Truth

©2017 by Alice Walker
Inspired by mythologist, Michael Meade

For Julian Assange
Michael was telling us the other night
About some things that might save the world.
One of them surprised me, but the more I thought about it
The… Continue reading

En Español

November 8 2016

Candles Alicewalkersgarden Election 2016

I am spending election day burning a candle for four extraordinary people:  Mumia Abu Jamal, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden.  I was thinking about all of them this morning in meditation.  So I labeled it “thinking,” as we are taught, and went back to Om Nama Shivaya.  But they all came right… Continue reading

Solstice Greetings and Gratitude 2013, or Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn Playing Tennis!

©2013 by Alice Walker

2013 was a surprising, even astonishing, year whose revelatory power shows no sign of abating in 2014.  It is as though we are collectively watching an enormous egg, as big as the sun, cracking open to reveal a golden center.  That golden center is Reality. … Continue reading


Recently I’ve taken a few knocks for my liking of David Icke. Well, I can’t help liking him, he’s got cojones for days. Seen many of those lately not backed up by missiles and tanks? Actually and happily, yes, as more silenced people speak and folks on their knees rise, but he’s still special.* Anyway, last night it occurred to me what it is… Continue reading

Bradley Manning

Pfc. Bradley Manning and friends: Tighe Barry, Medea Benjamin, and Chris Hager

The Case of Bradley Manning:  What Are We Called To Do?
©2011 by Alice Walker

As an elder of color born and raised in the United States, I have dreamed of a day when young white men, en masse, might rise to take up the cause of freedom and justice in defense… Continue reading

Tale One:  Horse History

© 2010 by Alice Walker

Listening to Bloodhound Bob the other day on the news talking about killing Julian Assange, Grandmother decided she needed to make her thoughts known about Julian, The Dark Knight (as someone commenting on a poem Grandmother posted on her blog calls him).  Grandmother likes Julian Assange and hopes he never again dyes his gray… Continue reading

for Julian Assange

© 1986/ 2010 by Alice Walker

Be nobody’s darling;
Be an outcast.
Take the contradictions
Of your life
And wrap around
You like a shawl,
To parry stones
To keep you warm.
Watch the people succumb
To madness
With ample cheer;
Let them look askance at you
And you askance reply.
Be an outcast;
Be pleased to walk alone
Or line… Continue reading