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Triggered by David Icke: A Review of Confidence & Bravery – The Trigger & Belief in Truth by Laurie Lee-Davies

In a review in which David Icke meets Celie Johnson!

In the process of becoming, in the process of evolving, we’re neither doomed nor completely free but creating our future with every word, every action, every thought.  We find ourselves in a very dynamic… Continue reading






This is the largest livestream, human funded conversation in human history.  It is also, in my opinion, the most important.

Imagine, we are finally beginning to glimpse the invisible!

In black culture there was a saying: The devil made me do it!  Referring… Continue reading


Brian Rose

We are the ones we have been waiting for… Our “weapons” of engagement: courage and humility. Love. With these, especially love, as Sister Aretha Franklin sings, we can wholly embody holiness, and with these, our mantras of mass instruction, we can rock the foundations of the world. Simulated or not. ~AW

Witness:  London Real/David Icke April 6, 2020.… Continue reading

Film Trailer [2:30 min]

RENEGADE: THE LIFE STORY OF DAVID ICKE, a #1 documentary film in England and climbing the charts in other countries. An example of perseverance over daunting odds from which we might draw strength.

Do we need strength? We do.

 Beautifully directed  by Stephen Peek and gracefully edited by Maria Demeshkina Peek.  Music by Jake Hull.


Be Nobody’s… Continue reading

Temples of Peace

This is why.



Por favor, lea Enemigos en La Puerta

September 2016


I spent all day last Saturday from ten o’clock in the morning to after ten o’clock at night (with a break for lunch, stretches, walks and a nap in my car) listening to a presentation by David Icke who is traveling the planet with his Phantom Self, World Wake Up Tour. He was extraordinary, as… Continue reading

DAVİD İCKE & ALEX JONES Powerful Interview 2015: YouTube

I like these two because they’re real, and sometimes Alex Jones is a bit crazy; many Aquarians are. Icke only appears crazy to people who don’t appreciate the stubbornness required when one is called to a duty it is impossible to evade.


My love of story, my enthralled absorption in the study of History, as soon as I realized it existed, my delight in fresh ways of looking at everything, leads me to much of the new information that is becoming available in these amazing times.  This rather short (for him) teaching by David Icke is one I particularly like because towards the end of… Continue reading


Recently I’ve taken a few knocks for my liking of David Icke. Well, I can’t help liking him, he’s got cojones for days. Seen many of those lately not backed up by missiles and tanks? Actually and happily, yes, as more silenced people speak and folks on their knees rise, but he’s still special.* Anyway, last night it occurred to me what it is… Continue reading