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¿Por qué le ha llevado tanto tiempo al presidente Biden a actuar respecto a Cuba?


Cuban children laughing Code Pink Act Now Cuba 2021-02-18

Why has President Biden taken so long to act on Cuba? Write to Congress to urge the administration to reverse Trump’s disastrous policy toward our neighbors. 

Ask your Rep. to reverse Trump’s cruel Cuba policy!


President Biden has been in office for almost a month and yet… Continue reading

With your great skill, and compassion: Thank you for helping us bear this look in our eyes. ~aw

Con su gran habilidad y compasión: Gracias por ayudarnos a tener esta mirada en nuestros ojos. ~ aw

P.S. Tune in to the vibration of all of us reading Cicely’s book: Just As I Am, at the same time! This life connects itself, no matter what forces… Continue reading

La Respuesta Es Sí. Joe Biden Y Un Clima Diferente

The Answer Is Yes. Joe Biden and a Different Weather

© 2021 by Alice Walker

When I was a child my parents were determined not to raise racists. The whole of black southern culture was with them.  Racism was recognized as a deformity of spirit and soul, as well as a passion that roused in… Continue reading

Hay Personas De Carne

Book Cover: The Dead Are Arising by Les Payne and his daughter, Tamara Payne

There Are Meat People  ©2021 by Alice Walker

There are meat people, who seem to be only exactly what you see: a body; and there are others who inhabit a body but that is not nearly the end of it. These beings are often noticeably different and we look on them in wonder.  As in: I wonder what made this… Continue reading

Ma Rainey era una proscrita.Viola Davis in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Ma-Rainy Alice Walkers Garden

Ma Rainey was an outlaw. Under her mask of makeup and wanton dress, this is how she is played, by Viola Davis, in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.  A double-entendre if ever there was one. Lucky for me, I watched Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom the same week I viewed Tyler Perry’s For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide, When… Continue reading

Georgia, Georgia en Español

Georgia, Georgia


My friend, the wise African novelist, Ayi Kwei Armah, wrote a novel titled The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born. But here they are.  In Georgia.  A state endearing enough and brave enough to have its own song. Vote.  If the lines are super long, hum.  Armah also wrote another novel called Two Thousand Seasons… Continue reading

Abrams, Warnock, Ossoff

“I may not get there with you.”* Voting for Those Who Could Not: Standing With Those Who Know

For Stacy Abrams, Raphael Warnock, and Jon Ossoff

©2020 by Alice Walker

The Promised Land
Is the sound
From the Mountain Top
Of all our ancestors
Cheering us on.
If it is a place,
it is made
both of stubbornness
and soul.
A destination
That always… Continue reading

Conocí a John Trudell después que había muerto

Movie Poster John Trudell

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I met John Trudell after he had died.That was how he described himself at that time. His family had been killed; his beloved wife, Tina, had been pregnant.  He was away in Washington D.C., at the time, trying to make the US government honor a treaty, which, as far as I know, it never… Continue reading

Alice Walkers Garden  ~  El Jardín Alice Walker


Dedicated, with love, to all seven of us:
Alice, Amanda, Manuel, Joan,
Rebecca, Efrain and Laura.
Seven, the number that is sacred. 
Seven, the number that gets it done.
Transformation. Since 2008.*** ~AW_


Dedicado con amor a nosotros siete:
Alice, Amanda. Manuel, Joan, 
Rebecca, Efrain y Laura.
Siete, el número que es… Continue reading

Día de Acción de Gracias.



Between the World and Me brings to mind a line from a Nikki Giovanni poem:  Black love is black wealth. Love runs throughout this beautiful film based on Ta-Nahisi Coates’ important book; as well as a welcome sharing of masculine emotion. Everyone’s offering is moving, but Oprah Winfrey gives voice to a special dimension of conscious… Continue reading