Black Jesus: Looking Like Bob Marley…

Black Jesus, Looking Like Frederick Douglass, Bob Marley, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and…

…having a black mother, as Bob and Martin, Mandela and Douglass, and countless others of the Christ spirit, did. This revelation is medicine; all the more precious (and delightfully startling) because Putin could not look more white. The only thing “black” is his stride; which, like black music, appears to be appreciated  by people of color (and many white people) worldwide.

We are being passionately offered a renewal of our human consciousness. A rare gift.

Thank you, Mother Mary,  for your son, Jesus; no longer will you be hidden in caverns and behind walls in churches, known disparagingly as “the black Madonna.”  You can come out, with your gentle teachings of compassion, and right behavior, into the light. It is mothers like you who guide sons like Jesus. We will not forget this.

Thank you, Brother Vladimir, for your courage. You are instigating a fierce reclamation of truth and soul.  Some Russian brothers in your audience do not seem convinced or pleased. But I am sure you expected this. Facing worldwide skepticism with a simple belief in truth, becomes a practice that is birthed along with telling it.

May we soon investigate  the deep vaults of India and examine depictions of the original Buddha’s hair style: clearly African knots.~aw


Found on a brother’s post! With brother-intense commentary. ~aw