Archie Roach: Eternal Brother: Never a Goodbye

Archie Roach (8 January 1956 – 30 July 2022)

I was learning that Uluru was being returned at last (no more Ayers Rock!) to what is left of your people in Australia and saw that you have died. What a life, what a force, you have been. Thank you for Charcoal Lane. For your devotion to Ruby and the children that your love of each other took in off the street. Thank you for remembering what it felt like to be taken from your  own parents and kin and all else that you knew. Thank you for the song that speaks to all our loss: Took the Children Away. 

Thank you for the profound understanding I experienced in your and Ruby (Hunter)’s presence before a hastily made fire around which we sat and shared our comprehension of what is sacred~aw