Our Hearts Are Not Yet On the Ground: Indigenous Encouragement


South Africa Holds A 2nd Dialogue on Israel, ” Questions Will Shock You!”
Duration: 01:24:31 minutes


If we are open, a love of humans will wash over us from time to time.  In this video there are moments of this.  We see who we are, and how we might be. We see our smallness, our scattered-ness, our grief, our broken hearts. All this  in the faces in the “audience.” But we hear our determination not to abandon friends and comrades in the voices of those on stage. The strength that comes when we stand together with those we love.  One minister tells the story of visiting Gaza’s churches and witnessing Palestinians lining up to baptize their children and themselves, before they die. Clearly an immortal people who will inspire generations to come, if in fact humanity as we know it continues after the severe harm, by not stopping the genocide in Gaza, it has done itself.  And Naledi Panda, so solid and beautiful in her clarity, who is a force that brings comfort to the human race, so often wondering if there is any worthy leadership among humans to be had. In fact, all the leaders on this stage, and some who are absent but are mentioned, offer hope that we might be worthy of continuing.

It is affirmed in this gathering that those who left South Africa to fight and kill Palestinians will be arrested as soon as they return.  The United States has many such soldiers who will be returning from their part in genocide. South Africa has faced the issue head-on; the US can do no less. It is perhaps news to many Americans that Americans in Israeli uniform are part of the destruction of the Palestinian people.  That they will be walking among us, reeking of what they have done. Soldiers with dual citizenship will certainly, if they survive, return to the U.S. What must be our way with them? Whatever it is,  for the sake of  our own mental and spiritual health, a decision will have to be made.  It will not be a a decision based in revenge, or even retribution, but in justice.~aw

Video credit: We Love Africa Youtube Channel