Minnie Tallulah Grant Walker, born December 2, 1912

Altar December 2023 Alice Walker

Minnie Tallulah Grant Walker, born December 2, 1912, in her garden where some of her flowers  (especially dahlias) grew taller than she was.  Beside her is a framed painting by John Asante Harris, age 4, who painted it as a gift to me, during a visit.  

My mother loved children and would have loved John Asante’s painting.  The ceremony above – indicating my transition to a new stage in Life: that of Infinite Retreat – represents over sixty years of work  inspired hugely by the spirit of this woman who adored children and flowers, and seemed to think of children, really, as flowers.  Certainly we were taught that the human race is like a flower garden; which is why we are so many beautiful colors. ~aw