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Saturday NOVEMBER 4, 2023

Join CODE PINK in action tomorrow, Saturday, November 4!

National March on Washington: Free Palestine
Code Pink National March Washington DC Free Palestine 2023-11-04


International Day of Solidarity: Free Palestine Bay Area


Social Media Hour: March for Palestine Virtual Support

Medea Benjamin: The Force Extraordinare Code Pink
Code Pink.  You’re my hero.  Especially wunderkind, Medea Benjamin: The Force Extraordinare.  A million bows. From Jackson, Mississippi, where the deeds of tyrants are still all too visible. And, alas, ongoing. ~aw



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*”Dear Alice,

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” but this one represents more than 9,000 Palestinians killed by US-funded Israeli bombs in Gaza since October 7, 2023. CODEPINK Co-Founder Medea Benjamin and many peace activists confronted Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of Defense Austin for their complicity in Israeli war crimes at this week’s Senate Appropriations Committee hearing.

“How can you send more weapons to Israel while it mercilessly bombs Palestinians, including a child every 10 minutes, and levels hospitals and schools? The American people don’t want to fund Israeli war crimes; 66% call for a ceasefire. So who are you representing? The weapons industry? AIPAC? Ceasefire now,” Medea told the hearing before being arrested.

These 9,000 murdered Palestinians are people, not numbers. They are humans, not “animals”—a term Israel is using to justify genocide in Gaza.  They are mothers, sisters, fathers, brothers, daughters and sons. According to Save the Children, Israel has killed more children in Gaza in three weeks than have been killed in all global conflicts since 2019. It’s our responsibility to act now to stop this horrific genocide! 

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 4:

Join us tomorrow at the National March for Palestine in Washington D.C.!

RSVP and find transportation information here. 

In the West Coast and want to participate?

Join the SF Sister Rally.

If you can’t be in the streets,

join CODEPINK Co-Director Danaka Katovich on Zoom

 from 2:30pm – 3:30pm EST to support the team on social media! Amplify our tweets 

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More Ways to Join Us Online in the Coming Days: 

We are at a pivotal time right now. This is not the time to be silent. This is the time to hold each other in community and stay informed, inspired, engaged and resilient. We all must be a constant voice for peace and hope. We’re launching a weekly online gathering on Mondays —  a place to educate, organize and be in community— and are also resuming our Tuesday, CODEPINK Congress Actionars:

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Earlier in the week, CODEPINK activists confronted Nancy Pelosi at her house in San Francisco. 

Learn More:

Not a single country from Western Europe, Africa, the mainland of Asia, the Caribbean or the Middle East supports the U.S.-backed Israeli genocide in Palestine! Read more by Medea Benjamin on Common Dreams here: An Isolated U.S. Backs Israeli Atrocities in Gaza

Elbit Systems EXPOSED!
As Israel’s largest weapons supplier, Elbit provides 85% of its drones/surveillance technology, bullets, land vehicles, white phosphorus and other internationally banned weapons being used right now to mass murder Palestinians. Learn more, download and distribute our informational flyer here

Genocide Gang EXPOSED!
CODEPINK has compiled a list of world leaders, companies and business figureheads we must hold accountable for the crimes committed against the people of Gaza. We will continue to update this page as the situation unfolds. 

Take More Action!

We can’t continue counting the dead. This genocide has to stop NOW. Ceasefire NOW! If you live in the U.S., Email Congress to vote NO on more “aid” to Israel! If you live outside the U.S., please sign our petition here

See you in action!

Ann, Danaka, Cale, Calla, Farida, Grace, Jasmine, Jodie, Marcy, Medea, Melissa, Michelle, Nancy, Nour, Nuvpreet, Paki, Terry, Tim, and Ysa