The People Know. They Are Not Stupid. ~Sabby Sabs

Sabrina Salvati   |  The Sabby Sabs Show

“The people know.  They are not stupid.” Sabby Sabs.  

The first half of this offering is extremely moving, closing as it does with images of people across the world standing up for the people of Gaza, for Palestine.  By their presence, and determination (shout out especially to Harvard youth) showing that they see through the lies coming at them from mainstream media. Showing that they realize a different world is indeed possible; but only if we, overwhelmingly, speak up for it. 

The second half is powerful too, in a different way, as this marvelous teacher, Sabby Sabs, shares her beautiful passion for what is true and may help preserve our imperiled world and country yet.~aw

Glenn Greenwald Speaks Out, Russell Brand vs. Trudeau, Biden, Yellen & Vivek Split, Garland Nixon UN Speech

Source: @sabysabs (youtube)  October 20 2023  | Duration: 02:27:58 minutes