Cornel West Running for President 2024

When I think of Cornel West as President (and what an inspiration if Chris Hedges joined him as Vice President) it is on language that I muse. How we would all, Americans and others around the world, become more attuned to it. To its rhythms, its cadences, its many surprises and turns of thought! We are starving for language that is flexible, fabled, outrageously connective, and passionate about what humans care about: survival of ourselves, our children, our planet. Here is someone who claims us as “brother” and “sister” without a blush. Who knows the scriptures in ways that teach healing as well as hellfire. Imagine listening to someone who knows his way around the English language so fluently! We had almost forgotten – since the Kennedy years really – that leaders can connect with us in complete sentences that use philosophy and history as teachers, not as truncheons.

I remain of the opinion that countries must be led by councils and not presidents. And so I add my brother Cornel to the formation of: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Marianne Williamson, and Tulsi Gabbard. Who is missing? Cynthia McKinney!