Time to be real. ~aw

RFK Jr Sees 19% Dem Support In New Poll; Biden Aides WORRIED Kamala Could Sink Ticket:
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Source: The Hill YouTube channel:  Please view video first. Before reading commentary. ~aw

Credo Mutwa, the wise African shaman, advised us to “think like a grandmother.”  Meaning it isn’t impossible to outgrow our self-centeredness and consider the coming generations as children and grandchildren of our own.

These young people, in their disciplined but spirited conversation/debate, give me hope that this very crucial dilemma we find ourselves in as Americans can be sorted:  with intelligence, passion, humor, and no intimidation by “ratings.”

I agree that “liking” someone you’re trying to unseat is an instant red flag to those who were broken hearted that after “shock and awe” destroyed millions of people and their countries, George Bush was not even reprimanded by Obama but remained someone he apparently enjoyed hanging out with. This was demoralizing for the country, especially for the young, who assumed justice in America actually meant something.  I certainly was deeply disappointed. 

This is an election that must not be played with. 

 I say this not only as an elder, but as a grandmother.  I have already lived most of my life; for all its struggles, it has been great.  I want the same opportunity for the young, the grandchildren, of today.

Biden is too old and frail to lead America.  Four more years of watching his decline would be demoralizing.  Harris seems unattached to whatever she is offering.  A lovely Zen like quality, but I shudder to imagine her having to actually make life or death decisions.   Obama was not at his best with either Putin or Netanyahu – watching him with them was actually painful.  I can not even imagine Harris dealing with them; nor would I want such a task for myself!

The three people so far that I would consider worth our effort to choose as leaders are Marianne Williamson, (super intelligent, great and deep knowledge of both physical and metaphysical worlds) Tulsi Gabbard,(a soldier! Someone who has a realistic attitude toward war, having been called to serve) and Robert Kennedy, Jr.(deeply empathic, politically savvy, passionate about defending the young).  And even if we elected all three, which is what I would advise us to do – it’s too late not to take a chance on reconfiguring leadership – it is unlikely we will survive the triple threat of AI, nuclear holocaust, climate catastrophe leading to starvation.

Our predicament is so dire, actually, that the only way to face it is, not only as grandmothers, but with humor.

Which is why this particular conversation between Robert Soave and  Briahna Joy Gray makes a good place to see, and perhaps say, what we think.  Have fun with it!  We really do have our backs against the wall. And it is crumbling. ~aw