Happy Birthday David Icke!

“Let the People Decide,” Bob Moses of SNCC, The Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee to Black People in Mississippi, USA 1960s. 


Happy Birthday, Beloved David Icke, April 29th

Imagine! I was never supposed to like you, David. Two hundred years stood against any affection.   As a child, seeing you, so unlike my own clan, I would have run! But I do like and admire you.  Banning you from 26 countries does nothing to ban you from my regard. Those banning you are running, like I might have, from a fright most have only heard about! You are a miracle, really. A wonder. A being of supreme stubbornness.  You will never be in a field anywhere and not be noticed for the fierce flower that you are. A rare signal that perhaps humanity is loved, after all.  As the color of your shirt reminds us. ~aw