Capitalism Hits Home l Empires Rise and Fall, The US Is No Exception | Dr. Harriet Fraad

Source: Democracy At Work
Mar 30, 2023 Capitalism Hits Home with Dr. Harriet Fraad
[S06 E07] All Empires Rise and Fall, The US Is No Exception
Duration: 27:17 minutes

We are watching the biggest change to America that we are likely to see in our lifetime.  We are becoming like the “republics” around us; they whose poverty, lawlessness, despair, we have wondered about as we traveled through their ravaged landscapes and cities. The hunger, unbelievable, the terror, unfathomable, the addiction to drugs and violence, extraordinary.  The children  often sick, poorly housed and nourished; even water, rationed.

It helps to have an elder, a woman, teach us how we got to a place so profoundly “unAmerican.” And remind us also of those who stood for values other than the ones that have led us here. What happened to them? What lessons can we take from their incredibly hopeful and optimistic  journeys?~aw