Zainab Salbi – “Daughters for Earth” Bioneers

It is my good fortune that Zainab Salbi is one of my dearest friends. We have travelled many troubled roads together, including those in countries nearly destroyed by greed and war.  She comes from a country that the United States government has, in its true form, destroyed. Iraq.  I am happy that, even before knowing Zainab, I was jailed for protesting what an arrogant president, George Bush, was intent on doing:  murdering millions of her people.  I imagined her, a small Iraqi girl with big eyes and long dark curls, long before we met. As I imagined the suffering of all the citizens of a country who had done no harm to the United States, or to me.

She is representative of The Feminine that the world must, and will have to, turn toward, if humanity is to save itself.  There is no future in a world trashed by men who have obliterated their own internal Feminine, who can no longer feel themselves a part of a suffering Earth.  Feeling instead only euphoria to have created something equal (in their thinking) to woman’s ability to give birth:  the “creative” catastrophe of war. 

We are very close to human obliteration. Masculine leadership has failed humanity and is destroying Nature.  Much of both it has already sent into oblivion.

What is alive is in the Feminine (women and men who worship the wisdom of caring for Earth, our only home).  And in the true Masculine, men and women who are determined to protect what is left of our vanishing Paradise.~aw


Video credit: Bioneers Youtube Channel