They’re trying to burn the WRONG Witch – The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling | Redacted | Video

Women were burned as “witches” for some 500 years in Europe, and, though not as meticulously recorded by the Church, which wanted their lands and other goods, burned also in other parts of the world.  Or drowned, another  method of getting rid of women of wealth, learning, medicinal  (especially herbal) knowledge and personal agency. The women who were burned were sometimes bound atop a pile of “kindling” that was also human: called “faggots.”  From which the slur “fag” derives. (This last is disputed I note in recent accounts.  Luckily we were not there to observe.)

I read the first Harry Potter novel and thought it extraordinary. I felt something old and wise, fresh and exciting had been offered humanity. Life with its vicissitudes prevented reading volumes that followed. 

I consider J.K. Rowling perfectly within her rights as a human being of obvious caring for humanity to express her views about whatever is of concern to her. As she has done.

I also believe that listening to each other before going for the match would put some distance between us and the Middle Ages.

As an Elder (which I take seriously), I must remind us that there is no “right witch” to burn.  Perhaps only our own lack of awareness of being erased, long before robotic  AI “females” were foisted upon society’s consciousness, primarily as slaves, workers, and sex toys.  By this I mean, for instance, that “woman” for whatever sinister reason was being erased in language well before she/her was being disappeared from dictionaries and society.  

The use of “guy” for both male and female eroded the ability of children to easily feel confident in which gender they were. From that confusion, considered irrelevant, apparently, to the forming of young minds, has come much cutting off of parts and restructuring of essential physical equipment. If such restructuring is freely chosen at eighteen or twenty, at least there is a sense the person involved may have lived long enough to know, definitely, what is desired.  Younger than that, I feel there may in fact be reason, later on, to mourn and weep. After all, the human body is a miracle, of whatever sex, tampering with a miracle is unlikely to serve us.~aw





Video source: Redacted | Youtube