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Source YT: Journalism Is Not A Crime! War Crimes Are! Oakland Meeting For Julian Assange With Assange’s Family

Poster of Martin Luther King at Highlander Folk School Auditorium

Martin Luther King at Highlander Folk School

Gifts of Spirit: Thoughts On Being Canceled

©2021 by Alice walker

‘The Color Purple’ author Alice Walker to deliver keynote address at HVCC despite controversies

Pulitzer-winning writer and activist’s remarks will be about ‘speaking your truth, whatever that may be, even if provocative’ (At no time did I say I would talk about this. I rarely… Continue reading

In me
There is an old
And all they want
To do
Is make
Ceremony. ~aw 

American novelist, literary critic, and scholar Ralph Ellison (1914 – 1994), January 1963. (Photo by Ben Martin/Getty Images)

Ralph Ellison’s Brain… Could It Be Improved by AI?

©2021 by Alice Walker


I met Ralph Ellison only once. He was invited to speak at Tougaloo College in Mississippi where I, in the late Sixties, was teaching writing to a class whose members, some of them,… Continue reading