What Does Truth Sound Like? Can We Still Tell? Listen.

                                                                                   Celeste Solum

Both these videos are important. If scary.  Entertain their ideas as the warriors you are.  It is not about argument at this point (unless you just love it), if it ever was. More about life experience and thoughtfulness. Studying. Noting places in David Icke’s analysis of our Covid-19 situation, toward the end,  where kindness, rather than mockery, might help us grow. I personally feel compassion for Biden, Harris, Meghan and Harry, for instance, and understand why white people in America are facing resistance from those who now possess sufficient agency to critique America’s long unjust history of racist oppression and abuse.

There are many reasons to be unaware of scientific puzzles we/most people were never meant to understand; for instance the destruction of, or non-support, of many of our institutions of higher learning.  But in my experience there is always an Ancestor who shows up with enough of the story to attract our attention.  In fact, in our oral folklore, those “lies” Zora Neale Hurston collected in turn of the last century Florida, stories often began with:  “Well you know, whatever’s going on there’s got to be a ( black person we would say now; not then!) involved.”  And so it is still.  Which is why it isn’t actually shocking, though it is surprising, that the immortal cells of Henrietta Lacks are showing up as part of what is in the Covid-19 vaccine. Though they are described in Solum’s talk as cancerous, I believe it was Lacks herself who had cancer; not her cells,(though is this possible?), which are used all over the world and have benefited millions of people.  It is also of miraculous interest and concern that the cells of the African Green monkey share the immortality of Lacks’ cells, and are harvested for human use. I have often wondered why human beings insist on having zoos.  With this information, about the monkey and the ape and other beings I had not heard of, we begin to see zoos in a new and frightening light.  Places in which animals have been imprisoned  simply because their cells and other “materials” might be helpful to Homo Sapiens.  Places from which they must be liberated before humans can enjoy our own deepest comprehension of freedom, and a guilt free, uncontaminated, peace of heart.~aw