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With your great skill, and compassion: Thank you for helping us bear this look in our eyes. ~aw

Con su gran habilidad y compasión: Gracias por ayudarnos a tener esta mirada en nuestros ojos. ~ aw

P.S. Tune in to the vibration of all of us reading Cicely’s book: Just As I Am, at the same time! This life connects itself, no matter what forces… Continue reading

La Respuesta Es Sí. Joe Biden Y Un Clima Diferente

The Answer Is Yes. Joe Biden and a Different Weather?

© 2021 by Alice Walker

When I was a child my parents were determined not to raise racists. The whole of black southern culture was with them.  Racism was recognized as a deformity of spirit and soul, as well as a passion that roused… Continue reading

Hay Personas De Carne

Book Cover: The Dead Are Arising by Les Payne and his daughter, Tamara Payne

There Are Meat People  ©2021 by Alice Walker

There are meat people, who seem to be only exactly what you see: a body; and there are others who inhabit a body but that is not nearly the end of it. These beings are often noticeably different and we look on them in wonder.  As in: I wonder what made this… Continue reading