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Alice Walkers Garden  ~  El Jardín Alice Walker


Dedicated, with love, to all seven of us:
Alice, Amanda, Manuel, Joan,
Rebecca, Efrain and Laura.
Seven, the number that is sacred. 
Seven, the number that gets it done.
Transformation. Since 2008.*** ~AW_


Dedicado con amor a nosotros siete:
Alice, Amanda. Manuel, Joan, 
Rebecca, Efrain y Laura.
Siete, el número que es… Continue reading

Día de Acción de Gracias.



Between the World and Me brings to mind a line from a Nikki Giovanni poem:  Black love is black wealth. Love runs throughout this beautiful film based on Ta-Nahisi Coates’ important book; as well as a welcome sharing of masculine emotion. Everyone’s offering is moving, but Oprah Winfrey gives voice to a special dimension of conscious… Continue reading



Lest we forget: This is who we are. Thank you, Brother ~AW



Lo Que a Los Mayores Les Gusta Ver y Gore Vidal y Howard Austen


Dominique Jackson as Elektra Abundance


What Elders Like to See (a. that not all Elders want to see the same things! b. that we’re ok with that).

©2020 by Alice Walker

So. Some Elders like to see art that shows us how to recreate the human world, after what… Continue reading

 Hail Mary, Full of Grace

©2020 by Alice Walker

Hail Mary

Full of Grace

Thank you for demonstrating

How to leave

By opening the door.



It Is Raining!

©2020 by Alice Walker


It is raining!

We have prayed!


!Estâ Lloviendo!

©2020 Alice Walker


!Está lloviendo!

!Hemos rezado!




November 7, 2020

autumn background with falling leaves


©2020 by Alice Walker

We will just keep going
Until we drop
And this is not a sad thing.
All the leaves that ever lived
Did the same.


©2020 Alice Walker

Justo seguiremos andando
hasta que caigamos.
Y esto no es algo triste.
Todas las hojas que siempre vivieron
hicieron lo mismo