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Para Votar – Di Te Amo Todos Los Días: Con Tu Boca

Say it to the Pangolin. And the Zimbabwean.  Photo: National Geographic
Dígaselo al Pangolín. Y el Zimbabuense. Foto: National Geographic


To Vote –

Say I Love You Every Day:

With Your Mouth
©2020 by Alice Walker

You must say aloud
I love you
At least five times
Every day.

You will… Continue reading

El (nuestro) dilema social



The (Our) Social Dilemma is without doubt one of the most important documentaries ever made, though a gratuitous slap down of “conspiracy theorists” sows the division it is trying to help humans avoid.  Better to say that on a sinking ship it is everyone’s right to point to the hole in the hull that he/she sees.  In any case,… Continue reading

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Twenty-five years ago a bold film captured the struggle of people of color in the face of oppression. Today that message is more relevant and urgent than ever.




– ANGELA DAVIS,… Continue reading

Yes, How good to see a public person with their own face. - Mother Continue reading
La Tormenta Está Pasando (Detroit Mass Choir)


We are safe within the vibrational arms of these souls, whatever happens. Why? Because they are holding a vibration that is also inside us. Listen. Also, the passing over of storms is always heralded by knowledge. Which is why study is our friend.~AW



Estamos seguros entre los energéticos brazos de estas almas, pase lo que… Continue reading

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing is an excellent example of why humans need Elders.  As well as why we have them.  It is our job to offer the benefit of our experience in the hope that it will lead to more honesty, health, courage and action. This woman, vilified by the spiritually terrorized during her lifetime, held her integrity of thought and activity –… Continue reading

Permanezco Prendiendo Velas En La Entrada De Mi Casa Y Viendo El Viento Apagarlas


Poem of the Week
Amy M. Alvarez

Amy M. Alvarez wears a black turtle neck and a red patterned maxi skirt. She stands in the foreground with her body facing to the left while her face gazes directly into the camera. The background features a street and is blurred.

Content Notice: Black death via state-sanctioned violence, grief
I keep lighting candles on my stoop and watching the wind snuff them out
I keep thinking about Breonna Taylor asleep/ between fresh sheets/ I keep thinking/ about her skin cooling after… Continue reading

¿Adónde Estamos Ahora? Apeirogono  *Y Mañanas En Yenin*

Where Are We Now?  Apeirogon and Mornings in Jenin

©2020 by Alice Walker

Where are we now? For the past months, learning from an illness that this is a different season of Life, learning from Nature and its fires that nothing I have is permanent, least of all my thoughts, my dwellings, and my art;  learning… Continue reading

¡Gabriel Assange Quiere Contar! 



(Defend Julian Assange)


Gabriel Assange Wants To Count!
©2020 by Alice Walker


When Gabriel Assange grows up
I want him to know
that I was thinking of him
on his first visit to see his father
in prison;
that I was moved to realize
his big gift to his father
was that, since he last saw… Continue reading