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Morir Sabio

Dying Wise

©2020 by Alice Walker

I have experienced Life, so far,
As a full on miracle;
No matter the slings and arrows
Always to be endured
On a path of intelligence,

awareness, adventure
and joy.
Behind each sorrow
Has been a gift
Not always pretty or painless
But unfailingly of use.
And so it is still.

I was talking with a friend… Continue reading

Nuevos Poemas Para Ede*

August 20, 2020


New Poems for Ede

For Human Babies and Yorkies
The World Is Not Safe

© 2020 by Alice Walker

For human babies
And Yorkies
The world
Is not safe.
I think of this
As I caution young friends
Not to give birth.

I am old now
And see how things are.
Your babies, like Yorkies,
Are… Continue reading

La Soldado Desconocida

August 6, 2020


The Unknown Soldier

©2020 by Alice Walker

I have been wondering
Where the soldiers are
The ones that did not come back
In body bags. Or those several a day
Who leave us for good;
Who cannot bear
upon arrival Home
To think about
What they have done.

The ones who have left us
To witness… Continue reading

hay una hija




there is a daughter

for AOC

© 2020 by Alice Walker

there is a daughter
taking the floor
there is a daughter
standing in the light
of her mother’s prayers,
her father’s dreams,
her teachers’ high hopes
as well as in the shadow
of our common disillusionment.
there is a daughter
speaking the truth
that lives… Continue reading