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American Indian Movement Activists Dancing Down a statue of Christopher Columbus, a likeness representative of cruelty and suffering so vast no words can begin to describe it. Only dance might approach if not sufficiently express the sorrow, and now the joy, that some of us – even if only in parts and pieces – survived. ~AW


Activistas del Movimiento Indígena Americano bailan junto… Continue reading



That Mauna Kea, the Mountain, is understood to demand that the people’s protest of protection for Her be rooted in Sacred Conduct, is one of the reasons I love Hawaiian activists. Respect. Honor. Cherish. Defend. Praise.  Though most often without land of any kind to call our own, let us climb together, on all continents. Our people are our Sacred Mountain.~AW… Continue reading


There is always a Spirit that the people, and ancestors, send to us to show us who we are, where we have been, and what is of value to our continuing journey. This beautiful book of love and loss is a mirror we might look into during this trackless time. I love it; and it is worthy of love.

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