Maher Al Akhras brutalized by Israeli authorities on the 90th day of his hunger strike (Will anyone alert the world?? Nurit)

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May 07, 2021




saeed odeh 16 years old shot dead by israeli occupation forces odlah village
photo: Ali A. Omar
more information: Source link is a Facebook post



My cousin “Saeed Odeh” shot dead by terrorist Zionists a few hours ago…



16-year-old Palestinian boy, Ahmed al-Adam appears with an Israeli officer, bruises can be seen on his face, after he was arrested by Israeli forces from his home in the northern #Bethlehem predawn today.

Palestine Israel children brutalized or killed

photo: Moneeb Saada
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Brutal arrest captured on video:




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February 08, 2021

Subject: sometimes they are not killed, only made homeless
Pictures credit: Younes Arar 


January 29, 2021

Subject: children murdered and arrested


Atallah Rayan 

Killed by Israeli Occupation Soldiers


17-year-old Palestinian student Atallah Rayan, who was shot dead this morning by the Israeli Occupation forces while returning from school to his home near the illegal settlement of Ariel
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Facebook source: Akram AbuMadi
Muatsem Ahmad Sabri
Sabi_Yaffa_Palestinan_Little_Boy Arrested and Interrogated by Israeli

four children (ages 9 and 10) were arrested and interrogated yesterday (Monday, 21.1.21) from the village of Ajaza, this Palestinian child Muatsem Ahmad Sabri  was among the detainees.
Facebook source: sabi telaviv jaffa

Photo credits: Abeer Alkhteeb  
West Bank timeline 12-2020 01-2021


January 3, 2021

Israeli minister of Justice instructed not to vaccinate Palestinian prisoners
including Children

— Palestinian centre for the study of prisoners states there are 140 Palestinian prisoners with Covid19. Ahmad Salah Manasra 17, in jail since he was 12 (and badly wounded), is the second child-prisoner to be ill with Covid 19

Tariq Barghouth


أحمد صالح مناصرة .  Tamar Goldschmidt is with Tariq Barghouth.


Via Tamar Fleishman:   abusing a child and praying at the same time



A Palestinian was shot in the neck with live ammunition because argument about generator by a war criminal soldier and at the
news channels – silence

a Young-Palestinian-shot-about-dispute-over-generator-posted-2021-Alice-Walkers-Garden

Via Sabi Yaffa: a Young PAlestinian was shot over dispute about a generator


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Lawyer Akhlam Hadad reports in Al-Haras’ words:

“on saturday noon a force of police and security to his room in Kaplan HOspital, pushed his wife out, threw him on the floor and then transferred him to another room. His family is not allowed to visit him. His body reacts very badly to this brutalization. He is asking to be treated in a PAlestinian hospital and refuses to receive treatment from Israeli doctors.

I dont want to die in Kaplan but in a PAlestinian hospital among my mother, m wife and children. I don’t want to be put in a fridge or undergo an autopsy. I want my body to be carried to my grave by my friends, the veteran prisoners who fought for me and the family members of Shahids. I recommend to my people to go on protecting our homeland”.



Will anyone alert the world??


 Update 2020-11-26  Israeli authorities have released Palestinian prisoner Maher al-Akhras


In the shade of the corona ISrael keeps wounding and killing PAlestinian Children freely



More images added November 07, 2020


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Prof. Nurit Peled-Elhanan
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Video: Israeli army executes young father from point-blank range with at least 11 bullets

Source: QUDS News Network



December 1, 2020 

“Israeli soldiers shoot children with the intention of maiming them for life.”

Child in hospital bed life support



״ امير دولة الجليس 16 Amir Dawla AlJalis .״

Palestine child lost eyes by Israeli Soldiers



Bashar Alayan

Palestinian child loss eye by Israeli Soldiers



Israeli soldiers shoot children with the intention of maiming them for life.
Defense for Children International

(Via Tamar Goldsmith)



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Published date: 26 November 2020 10:42 UTC
Republished MEE Article

Palestinian hunger striker Maher al-Akhras released from Israeli prison
Akhras spent 103 days on hunger strike in protest against his administrative detention

Palestinian detainee Maher al-Akhras arrives at al-Najah Hospital in the West Bank city of Nablus following his release by Israeli authorities, on November 26, 2020. AFP

Israeli authorities have released Palestinian prisoner Maher al-Akhras, who spent 103 days on hunger strike in protest against his administrative detention.

Akhras suspended the hunger strike on 8 November after Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that the prisoner’s administrative detention should end after a four-month term, which is 26 November.


‘My freedom is the freedom of my people, and we have won over the occupation with our will and determination,’
– Maher Al-Akhras


Administrative detention is a highly controversial practice. Used almost exclusively against Palestinians, it allows for detention without charge or trial for renewable periods of three to six months, without the possibility of appeal or knowing what accusations are being levelled against the detained.

Early on Thursday, Akhras was moved to al-Najah hospital in Nablus, north of the occupied West Bank, for medical and health checks.

He told local reporters that “my freedom is the freedom of my people, and we have won over the occupation with our will and determination.”

He said that his health is “fine… I feel pain in my joints, but I will be fine, inshallah.”

Administrative detention was first implemented in Palestine under the British Mandate and has since been adopted by Israel. Many Palestinian prisoners have resorted to hunger strike to protest against the practice.

According to the Palestinian prisoners’ rights group Addameer, 4,400 Palestinians were detained by Israel as of October, with 350 of them placed under administrative detention.

Maher al-Akhras ends his hunger strike
(video on MEE website)»


Akhras, 49, was arrested in July and was hospitalised in Kaplan Medical Centre in September, from where he was moved to al-Najah hospital.

He stopped accepting food or drink on the day of his arrest on 27 July. Israel’s internal intelligence agency, Shin Bet, claimed that Akhras is a member of the Islamic Jihad.

Born in 1971 in the village of Salileh, near the city of Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank, Akhras, a father of six, has been imprisoned by Israeli authorities at least five times since he was 18 for at least five years in total.

He was detained for seven months in 1989, for two years starting in 2004, 16 months starting in 2009, 11 months in 2018 and most recently in July.”

Source article: By MEE staff
Published date: 26 November 2020 10:42 UTC | Last update: 6 days 6 hours ago



Added December 8, 2020

Maimed or Missing Palestinian Children Israeli Soldiers 2020-12

The Israeli Prison Authorities have transferred the Palestinian child prisoner, Mohammed Moqbel, from Hadassah Hospital to “Megiddo” prison today.

Moqbel (16) had undergone a surgery in his jaw that had been broken due to the Israeli soldiers’ brutality when they arrested him on Nov. 29 when he was coming back from school.

Photos of Mohammed in Hadassah Hospital before the surgery


Younes Arar:

The Palestinian teen Omar Ahmad Mahmoud was shot in his eye this evening by Zionist occupation soldiers using rubber coated metal bullet while he was setting in front of his house in Essaweyah Town this evening, occupied Palestine, 6 December 2020.








ANOTHER Israeli cover-up and whitewashing of police crimes against Palestinians.
Israeli authorities have cleared police of any wrongdoing in the case of a 9-year-old boy who lost an eye after apparently being shot in the face by an Israeli officer earlier this year.
Residents said he had just gotten off a school bus in the Palestinian neighborhood of Issawiya in east Jerusalem when police opened fire. Police said at the time they had responded to riots in the tense neighborhood and used what they call “non-lethal weapons”.

Article:  Middle Eeast Israel Shootings Jerusalem




Added December 10, 2020

“the village al Arakib destroyed 125 times”

Youth Against Settlements شباب ضد الاستيطان‎ is sharing a COVID-19 update with Lubna Abedalqader.
8 December at 09:15 

Palestinian village destroyed Israeli 1

Palestinian village destroyed Israeli Forces
This is the class of Ali Abu Elaya , 13 years old, who was killed last week by Israeli occupation . His school seat is empty replaced with posters and flags.
Stop supporting the occupation.



Added December 27, 2020

Life of Palestinian children


Young Palestinian Boy at turnstyle gates Israeli Settlements
Palestinian Girl Sophia Abdo studying in the rubble that was once her home
14 December at 21:38
The Palestinian girl, Sophia Abdo, is studying on the rubble of her house in Jerusalem. She loves demolished by a decision of the occupation authorities under the pretext of lack of permission. Imagine, dear viewers, the amount of pain in this picture. What contempt this injustice will not last, we will take revenge one day and reclaim our land

Source: Yesh Din  / Mohammed Isa


Iman Al Hamas, a 13-year old Palestinian girl was on her way to school when she was shot by more than 23 bullets near the Girit Israeli military military outpost in Rafah, in October 2004. The soldier who fired at her, and completed the ‘confirm kill’ procedure by firing at her dead body, was not only acquitted of all charges, but recently received a promotion to the rank of major.

Photo of the child shot 23 times by an Israeli Army Officer who was acquitted promoted and paid after shooting herThe Israeli killer of 13-year old Palestinian Iman Al Hams, a girl who was cowering behind a stone and positively identified as a child before she was shot, and then was shot multiple times to ‘confirm the kill’, according to the Israeli military transcript of the incident, has received 80,000 NIS (about $15,000) compensation for the ‘trouble’ of having gone to court.

Source article:

Killer of 13-year old girl receives compensation, promotion in Israeli Army

Israeli officer: I was right to shoot 13-year-old child. An Israeli army officer who repeatedly shot a 13-year-old Palestinian girl in Gaza dismissed a warning from another soldier that she was a child by saying he would have killed her even if she was three years old.

Whether on the street, inside their homes, or in their classrooms, there seems to be no real safety anywhere for the children of Rafah (Palestine)—not to mention the tens of thousands of other civilians here. As one mother in Block O put it, “It is open season on our children every day.”

The father of Iman al-Hams, Samir, reacted with anger and shock to Captain R’s acquittal. “I am a teacher and I object to the killing of Jewish or Arab children under any circumstances, but the court has proven there is one law for Jews and another for Arabs,” he said after the verdict was issued.

In the verdict, the judges stated that Captain R. was acquitted. Over a year ago the Southern Command military court acquitted Captian R. of all guilt in the girl’s killing, declaring him innocent. In addition, the court ordered the IDF pay the officer NIS 82,000 in compensation for his defense expenses and days in prison.

Shared sources about Iman al-Hams…/special-report-the-schoolgirl,7340,L-3349472,00.html


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