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April 2020

Vandana Shiva, one of the most essential teachers of our time, speaks to the world of what is most essential:  our survival as human beings on this planet. Search out her wisdom everywhere. Books, Google, Youtube, etc. You will be amazed and strengthened by what she knows, and does. She appears to understand Bill Gates and others that we need to study, better… Continue reading

Watch if you love trees.


[This video was removed for reasons unknown: PLANET OF THE HUMANS by director Jeff Gibbs and producer Michael Moore.  It should be searched for; demanded, found.]


Not From Here

From Chitauri Blues, a work in progress

©2019 by Alice Walker


Anybody who despises elephants except for their tusks
is not from here.
Anybody who decapitates mountains… Continue reading

Rebecca Walker
My Daughter Hits It On The Head: Rebecca Walker on Leaving the  Intellectual Plantation

As far as I’m concerned, one of the duties of any child is to help her or his parents whenever that is possible.  Even the ones you don’t like or with whom you are constantly in disagreement.  It’s like paying rent for womb space and some kind… Continue reading

Pema Chodron

Pema Chodron

The instruction is to stay in the present. Don’t get caught up in hopes of what you’ll achieve and how good your situation will be some day in the future. What you do right now is what matters.~ Pema Chodron

This advice from master teacher Pema Chodron is good medicine for this fraught time, especially at night, when you are trying to sleep.… Continue reading

Although I have no belief in Congress, I have some in Bernie Sanders.  For that reason, I am sharing his appeal to our reason.  It is such a treat to hear real intelligence!  We have been starving.~AW

Our country is now facing its worst crisis in modern history. We are in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic that could lead to the death of… Continue reading


Brian Rose

We are the ones we have been waiting for… Our “weapons” of engagement: courage and humility. Love. With these, especially love, as Sister Aretha Franklin sings, we can wholly embody holiness, and with these, our mantras of mass instruction, we can rock the foundations of the world. Simulated or not. ~AW

Witness:  London Real/David Icke April 6, 2020.… Continue reading

WAR AGAIN, WILL THIS BE THE FINAL ONE? Over the years, greed and fear have turned men into wolves. Instead of living together in harmony and sharing the plentiful resources of Nature in equity, their anxiety to have more and more each day pushed them to this contest. Some showed their fangs to others as fiercely as possible to see who chickened out first. This would allow the winners to occupy the others’ territory, fruits and animals of prey. Besides the defeated ones would have to work and fight on behalf of the victors. The eagerness to prevail made the winners develop technology. This was a form of creating bigger and sharper fangs in a speedy way, which guaranteed maintaining their dominating position. The constant challenge for predominance pushed the wolf-men to numerous fights which gradually produced an escalation of violence that ended in two lethal world wars. Once in such a high point of dominion new forms of keeping supremacy were needed. That’s how the wolf-men came to produce the Superior Fang, the atom bomb. The idea was that the wolf-men who had it, could control the whole world. So competition increased to see who would develop this superfang first. Finally each pack of wolf-men had their own bomb. As two main packs of wolves managed to have the powerful weapon they split the world into two parcels and were in charge of the lands, resources and lives of their corresponding parcel. But wolf-men could not stop wanting more. They devoted themselves to boasting about possessing the biggest power and being ready to use it. Once in a while each blew up a bomb to intimidate the other pack. To have the bomb meant to deter the opposite pack from using its own bomb. Just having it meant keeping the situation in balance. This was labeled the Cold War: it meant each group had the means to destroy everything and while each had equivalent means, no one would commit suicide and go into a real Hot War. But all of a sudden the constant failures of one of the packs made it split into minor packs. Then each wanted to have his own part of the territory and resources. Despite the efforts of the big old wolf of the West, gradually more and more wolf-men sought to have their own possessions. They wanted to compete and have power. This was called globalization. Again numerous skirmishes appeared. A III World War was always pending but remained under control due to the lack of one fully powerful side. To achieve their goals wolf-men had each time more and more plundered and abused Nature. They conceived it as a huge inexhaustible warehouse that provided them with all they needed to rule and feed their greed. Wolves never considered nature as a living force. Day in day out, they exploited, injured and wore it out. They never stopped to think about it with kindness and concern. So, one day Nature decided to fight back. Overnight wolf-men found themselves involved in a furious battle. World War III was finally in action. The worst thing is that atom bombs were not useful against so many millions of tiny invisible soldiers who knew how to fight extremely efficiently. Those mortal soldiers of the Corona Empire attacked quickly, ghostly, devastatingly, over places never expected. They decimated men as well as women, old people and young people, destroyed cities, no matter if they were from poor countries or very rich ones, paralyzed industries, put an end to travels, washed away accumulated wealth, turned fear into the common way of breathing, made progress a useless fantasy and the idea of Future  just a great question mark. The very possibility of keeping on with Civilization has become a big cloud. Pain, suffering, uncertainty, have made us go down on our knees. Over centuries men have hurt the soul of men and the soul of nature as well. We cannot heal the soul of men if we don’t heal the soul of nature at the same time. The great lesson, if in the end there will still be someone who could learn something, is that man is no lord of the world. We are no masters of anything but just fellow beings of every tiny or bigger creature in the infinite realm of nature. The solution cannot be found through financial, technological, military, ideological, religious or any other kind of power. The solution is to be found in ecumenical humanism, one that goes beyond the obsolete division between left and right and instead considers as a basic principle the full development of human beings’ potentials in harmony with nature which is not only their home but their source of energy and well-being. Thus in order to raise civilization again we must be humble, must join efforts for real, beneficial ventures, and treat every little thing of the universe with respect and affection. There is no other Lord in Nature but Life. We are just passers-by and must make the best of our time to plunge into the river of life, make the best of our journey, and then come out letting it keep flowing strongly and generously so that it can forever irrigate the divine seeds of being. Manuel García Verdecia, Holguín, March 27 through 30, 2020 Continue reading

El Éxito Verdadero


True Success
©2020 by Alice Walker

True success means having enough
To share;
Someone must have observed
This truth.
Someone must have
Written it down.

Perhaps the Essenes,
Those devout followers
Of Jesus;
A Being who was successful
In his own lifetime
And even more so after.
Like Martin. Like Che.

So very successful
You may notice
Nobody ever mentions
The… Continue reading


In 1452, Pope Nicolas V issued the papal bull Romanus Pontifex, declaring war against all non-Christians throughout the world, to “capture, vanquish, and subdue the Saracens, pagans and other enemies of Christ,” to “put them into perpetual slavery,” and to “take all their possessions and property.”

Preface to GRANDMOTHERS WISDOM: REVERENCE… Continue reading

Happy Birthday (April 1st) to the beautiful Grandmother Griot and Wise Woman of East Bay Church of Religious Science: Dr. Elouise Oliver.  We adore you. ~AW