How moving to see an awakened human who cares.

How moving to see an awakened human who cares. We might all achieve this expression of concern that leads to action.  What can each of us do? Like any substance abuser, we are addicted. I have started by talking to a friend from Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization I admire and respect: how can we learn to protect ourselves? We might begin by learning all we can about the accelerated dangers to the planet of 5-G. It is chilling to realize the danger discussed in the video is closer upon us – since many of us are wearing it -than global annihilation by climate. 

Imagine that we are in a global classroom, which, thanks to our dangerous gadgets, is possible to construct. Someone who cares is asking us a simple question: What is the connection between 5-G, AI, and our brain? Is there a human future where these connect?~AW