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Mi Hermana De Las Flores Blancas



©2020 by Alice Walker

Every turn around the sun,
Every year on the date of my birth,
No matter where I am
And usually it is the same place,
Wherever I can worship in sunshine,
My gracious Sister of the White Flowers
Finds me.
I look up from whatever Wonder
Is holding… Continue reading

How moving to see an awakened human who cares. We might all achieve this expression of concern that leads to action.  What can each of us do? Like any substance abuser, we are addicted. I have started by talking to a friend from Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization I admire and respect: how can we learn to protect ourselves? We might begin by learning… Continue reading

Bob Nesta Marley. 6 de febrero de 1945


Bob Nesta Marley.  February 6, 1945

Dear Bob,
I have been to Nine Miles,
the place nine miles
from anywhere;
the place where you were born.
Years have passed and still it remains
a mystery;
how you sang your way
out of there.  Your crypt
when last I visited
the nicest dwelling.
How mysterious… Continue reading

Auntie, I simply Can’t Imagine It!
Joining the Freedom Flotilla II To Gaza

front of a large wooden boat "A Boat To Gaza"

Auntie, I Simply Can’t Imagine It!

Joining the Freedom Flotilla II To Gaza, Aboard The Audacity of Hope
June 20. 2011  –  ©2011 by Alice Walker


Why am I going on the Freedom Flotilla II to Gaza? I ask myself this, even though the answer is: What else would… Continue reading