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Mi Hermana De Las Flores Blancas



©2020 by Alice Walker

Every turn around the sun,
Every year on the date of my birth,
No matter where I am
And usually it is the same place,
Wherever I can worship in sunshine,
My gracious Sister of the White Flowers
Finds me.
I look up from whatever Wonder
Is holding… Continue reading

Bob Nesta Marley. 6 de febrero de 1945


Bob Nesta Marley.  February 6, 1945

Dear Bob,
I have been to Nine Miles,
the place nine miles
from anywhere;
the place where you were born.
Years have passed and still it remains
a mystery;
how you sang your way
out of there.  Your crypt
when last I visited
the nicest dwelling.
How mysterious… Continue reading

Auntie, I simply Can’t Imagine It!
Joining the Freedom Flotilla II To Gaza

front of a large wooden boat "A Boat To Gaza"

Auntie, I Simply Can’t Imagine It!

Joining the Freedom Flotilla II To Gaza, Aboard The Audacity of Hope
June 20. 2011  –  ©2011 by Alice Walker


Why am I going on the Freedom Flotilla II to Gaza? I ask myself this, even though the answer is: What else would… Continue reading