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Día de Acción de Gracias Por llegar: Pensamientos sobre los libros que siguen

Book cover title On Earth Cover Online Final A Novel Ocean Vuong


Thanksgiving: I Am Thankful for Artists; I Am Thankful for Books

©by Alice Walker 2019  November 28, 2019
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This piece turned up on my computer the day I was reading about the new film Queen and Slim; in which  both main  characters are black. Really.  I’m not sure where it is published; it seemed perhaps a timely look at how we might honor both our sounds and our looks.

Why write Speech you will never hear again?

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With Kaola bear. The outback. Australia. 1990s

Photo by Jean Weisinger


Australia Fire Koala Bear – WP article 2019-11-15

Kaola Bear, Beloved

© 2019 by Alice Walker


None of this is your fault,
You are blameless;

Like all  creatures

entirely native to this earth.

You are warm.  You love to hug.
In your eyes there is wonder

and peace.

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En Cuba: Familia: Manuel y Madai.

Manuel and Madai 2019
In Cuba

©2019 by Alice Walker
In Cuba
These are the people
You wish to hurt.
I believe there is a penalty
For harming those
Who are good.
This grandfather,
Smiling with joy;
This granddaughter
Oblivious of danger
Happy to have arrived
In his arms.

This is a good man.
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