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Y Cuando Llegue El Tiempo


Maestrapeace book cover A meditation on the murals of The Womens Building in San Francisco

And When The Time Comes

A Meditation on the murals
of The Women’s Building
in San Francisco

Copyright 2018 by Alice Walker

And when time comes
We can say that we honored the beauty,
The strength,
The lovingkindness
The formidable grace
And fierceness
Of Women.

That we saw them clearly
In their apparently casual
Abundance of nurturing,
Caring, protecting,… Continue reading

 Claramente la respuesta es compartir

Smith Corona Typewriter Alice Walker My new typewriter!

Clearly the Answer Is To Share

For Tayari Jones
©2019 by Alice Walker

We met each other
through our books.
And then on the road in the wilds of Northern Michigan.
You, instantly, to me, another literary daughter.
How proud I am of you.
You said wisely: I write my books, I only write
my books,… Continue reading