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You Died, And Then I Understood Charlie Larson Walker

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened. – Anatole France 

You Died, And Then I Understood

Copyright © 2019 by Alice Walker

Charlie Larson Walker/June 17, 2019/3:15 AM

You died in my arms, and yes,
My heart felt crushed.

Another dog, much younger than you,
Was frisking about
As dogs do.
I was annoyed. How dare she live… Continue reading

“Countries” Are Not Needed Anymore

©2019 by Alice Walker

“Countries” are not needed anymore.
They were formed
To govern the flow of goods:
Humans, Cattle
And Gold.
Mostly gold.
And now they are disappearing.
Look at a few of those
Near you.
They thought they were
Real countries;
They thought
They would last forever.
They had a song, they had a state… Continue reading

Ronald Bernard “Sacrificio satánico de niños”

Ronald Bernard “Satanic Child Sacrifice” April 2018 Testimony /International Tribunal For Natural Justice



Most of us know there is something terribly wrong with the world. We learn this early from such troublesome issues as not having a decent pair of shoes, or a satisfying meal.  Or parents and community too stressed to… Continue reading

Film Trailer [2:30 min]

RENEGADE: THE LIFE STORY OF DAVID ICKE, a #1 documentary film in England and climbing the charts in other countries. An example of perseverance over daunting odds from which we might draw strength.

Do we need strength? We do.

 Beautifully directed  by Stephen Peek and gracefully edited by Maria Demeshkina Peek.  Music by Jake Hull.


Be Nobody’s… Continue reading