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Más Pruebas: ¡Somos Quienes Hemos Estado Esperando!

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More proof:  We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For!

Sometime in the late 1980s or early 90s I was arrested for- I believe, not recalling specifics- insisting that the University of California divest holdings that supported the Apartheid state of South Africa. One joy in the event was being held in custody with the… Continue reading

May You Always Find Something to Like
©2019 by Alice Walker

May you always find
Something to like
About the person who most scares you.
May you see those scary teeth
Might be retractables.
May you see where he is afraid.
This does not mean
You must follow him home at night
Or goddess forbid
Sleep in his bed
Or have snacks
In his shadow.… Continue reading




“When a cause comes along and you know in your bones that it is just, yet refuse to defend it–at that moment you begin to die. And I have never seen so many corpses walking around talking about justice.” 



-Mumia Abu-Jamal*




Just published Murder Incorporated, America’s Favorite Pastime: Empire, Genocide, Manifest Destiny*

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Two males outdoors at protest Free Julian Assange protest signage


© 2019 by Alice Walker

for John Shipton

I’ll see you when your troubles
Get like mine… lord, lord,
I’ll see you when your troubles
Get like mine.

I was thinking about this song
While watching Julian Assange’s
Being interviewed
By 60 Minutes Australia.
The woman interviewer
Wanted him to
Admit… Continue reading

Nuestras hermanas se levantan
O en la hamaca con el I Ching

Heaven and water go their opposite ways:
The image of CONFLICT

Thus in all his transactions the superior man
Carefully considers the beginning.

                   –I Ching or Book of Changes
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