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In the wake of the confusion and disappointment surrounding the initial summary of the Mueller Report, Michael Meade answers listeners’ questions about what story he would tell Congress and political leaders if asked.  After pointing out that the facts can never tell the whole story, he turns to an ancient wisdom story in which telling the truth is the… Continue reading

Quote of the Week

Bernie Sanders
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Choosing to spend our tax money on building our nation instead of endless war is not magical thinking. Magical thinking is when you believe bombing strangers makes you safe.”

Carta Abierta a Paris Jackson

An Open Letter to Paris Jackson Alice Walker AliceWalkersGarden
An Open Letter to Paris Jackson


Dear Daughter, Dear Paris, Dear Kindred,

Take a look at this:

Her lowest moment came in 1948, when a vindictive neighbor accused Hurston of sexual relations with her 10-year-old son. The charges were patently false — Hurston had been in Honduras at the time, and the boy was mentally unstable — but she… Continue reading

Children of the World, Unite!

 Photo source: Nation of Change and Twitter #ClimateStrike

The Black Enterprise Celebration of Women of Power, 2019


I am standing between my tall beautiful niece, Ti Walker, and my shorter beautiful publicist Yona Deshommes at the recent Women of Power Legacy Gathering in Las Vegas. It was wonderful!  Though I found the tiny bit I saw of Las Vegas somewhat alarming, but in not too scary a way. It is so… Continue reading

March 8, 2019

A Blessing for International Women’s Day

by Alvaro Chavarin (See Other People’s Everything recent post)


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A New Greeting for Humanity (Looks Old!),

posted on International Women’s Day 2019

New Greeting for Humanity (looks old!)

A New Greeting
for Humanity
to Replace Hello

Copyright©2019 by Alice Walker

A new greeting for humanity
to replace hello: recognizing we have been
tortured, for the most part,
into our present state:

“I love you forever,
and unconditionally.”

The task: To work our way
toward it.


The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind AWG 2019 Alice Walker


Medicine Art: The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Copyright 2019©by Alice Walker

Medicine art has a way of showing up
just when you need it most.
And so it is with this great film
that lets us see man and woman
mother and father
children and teachers
a chief, and politicians,
as who they really are.  Poor hopeless  folks
in Africa… Continue reading









What if you were my son?

Copyright © 2019
By Alice Walker
If you were my son,
I would wonder
How you came to say this?
How you came to make
It up.  Because, surely,
It is a fantasy.
What are you really
Trying to hide?
Were you tricked
By those brothers
Who… Continue reading