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21st December


Happy Solstice!

The Light is Returning to a Darkened World. If there are indeed as many universes as there are grains of sand, let us resolve in the New Year to work on diminishing our narcissism and be content to realize it isn’t all about us.


21 de diciembre

¡Feliz solsticio!

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To the Also Curious
Copyright 2018
By Alice Walker

I was asked, in writing, by the NYTs BY THE BOOK “What is on your nightstand?”  I replied with the titles of the pile of books that were currently on mine; all of them in some state of read, to read, or unread. David Icke’s book, And the Truth Shall… Continue reading

ALICE WALKER: Junto Al Libro

Profile Illustration of Alice Walker by Jillian Tamaki 2018-12Reprint from: New York Times BY THE BOOK

Alice Walker: By the Book
Credit Illustration by Jillian Tamaki

Dec. 13, 2018

The author, most recently, of the poetry collection “Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart” feels a duty to read about countries devastated by war: “The suffering, usually for the most vulnerable, never ends.”


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“Writer Alice Walker has been thinking about how anger co-exists with peace. She spoke with Shannon Henry Kleiber about her new book of poems, “Taking the Arrow Out of the Heart,” and how she works on healing herself when she’s been hurt by others.”  From


 What To Do With An Arrow In Your Heart

with Alice Walker


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