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Sacándose La Flecha Del Corazón


An Evening with Alice Walker & Desert Rose

World Peace Day

Friday, September 21, 2018

7:30 PM

“In this time of sorrow, when so many are reeling from the pain of earth loss, of beauty’s destruction, of oppression and challenge of every sort, I have felt encouraged and spiritually supported by the music… Continue reading

Erigiendo Un Monumento Al Soldado Confederado Que No Quiso Ir A La Guerra

Actual Confederate Boy Soldier War Photo Surrounded by Flowers Alice Walker 2018-08-24

Raising A Memorial To The Confederate Soldier Who Did Not Want To Go To War

for Larry.

Copyright 2018 by Alice Walker

I have been so impressed by the black women who are at the forefront of the effort to remove the statues of Confederate soldiers from public squares and college campuses… Continue reading

Cuando El Presidente De Los Estados Unido Llama Perra A Una Mujer Negra


Oir Omarosa.

When the President of the United States
Calls a Black Woman a Dog
Copyright 2018 by Alice Walker

When the President of the United States
Calls a black woman a dog
We understand he lacks the courage
To say what he means: bitch.
But… Continue reading


We Can Know the World is Changing When the African Woman Freely Speaks Her Mind, Globally.  YouTube.

The Dr. Mumbi Show is a single black woman, from Kenya, East Africa, teaching.

Dr. Mumbi is fascinating to watch and listen to; she is brash and vivid, bursting with the sometimes good news she is telling us, even though it might paradoxically be some of… Continue reading